What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • I loved my 556 but I felt it could have done with being a mm or two bigger. The problem is, the 856 could do with being a mm or two smaller. I should probably stop being so particular.

  • 14050m just back from a very pricey service. Don't disregard services folks! Also put a new 97200 clasp on it, makes a huge difference from the original. Bought the entire bracelet but unfortunately the end links don't fit (was expecting that) and to swap them round would be an expensive and possibly very destructive issue. T

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  • Didn’t want to bore everyone with the OP again yesterday but there was some good light this morning and I thought it made the watch look nice so here you are.

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  • Not so much bored as green with envy!

  • There you have it. Money can't buy taste.

    Although for charity so all good. 😎

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  • at least this deserves to be the most expensive watch. complication wise, rarity, brand history etc..

  • Money can't buy taste.

    It can however buy rare watches.

  • Leather strap in the house.

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  • What happens if you do ignore the servicing schedule? Asking for a friend.

  • Not sure I follow...

    As 'money can buy all' watches go, that's not bad.

    Salmon may be the new fixie blue but it's not that silly brand with all the colours and dials. Forget it's name.

    At that stage it's art. Complications. Presented well. PP does it well.

    But you're not going to wear that on the Streets for sure. Not cause its so expensive but cause its only pretty to those that know.

    Come on! What that horrid multi coloured monstrosity brand?!!

  • Richard Mille?

  • Anyone after a brand new Seiko Presage Cocktail time?? £250 delivered.

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  • Also a couple of images from Mallory I forgot to post the other day.

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  • Also a Breitling in an antique shop and an old auction catalogue from 2011 or 2014?? Someone has written the hammer prices on the watches.

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  • Casually obsessing over the Rado Golden Horse

  • Looks good. Pic of it on would be good too!

  • I love this watch. I am going to buy the 556a soon. What a beauty!

    Has everyone seen this incredible thing already? Smoothest sweep ever...

  • One of probably 2 green dials I'd accept. It looks perfect here.

  • Looking at a watch on eBay and in the description:

    Second hand with smooth sweeping motion which is the sign of a quality movement

    Made me chuckle.

  • Saw the video last week. It’s a bit poetic for my taste but...

    This is my one:

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  • Well traditionally it often was because a higher beat rate is/was considered an indicator of accuracy and quality. 5hz is smoother than 4hz is smoother than 3hz.

    Don’t know if there’s anything in relative smoothness/stability of the tick being an indicator of good amplitude etc and so on. Don’t know if that’s actually visible.

  • Gorgeous.
    And is it as accurate as they say? Is it something like +/- 1 second per day?

  • Over the first month I owned it, I wore it every day.

    At the beginning, I set it to my iPhone clock app inc. seconds. At the end of the month, it was 7 seconds out...

  • "Everybody Hz"

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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