What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • How do you find it?

    I thought these were a great option.

  • In the end she went with a darker colour than I would have chosen, and a different one from her initial thought

    I hadn't thought about it like that, I initially assumed she'd want a silver one but after I strategically showed her an episode of antiques roadshow with someone getting a some Cartiers valued, she said "ohh the gold, it would look much better with my skin tone!".

    Best not to assume, everyone is correct, thanks.

    Re: Boxes.

    There seems to be two main styles, that I'll call cushion and mount for want of correct terms ;


    and mount

    There seems to be a lot of fakes from china, and mostly they are cushion style (presumably as their easier to make) So I think mount is a safer bet...

  • Tudor is getting a nice patina now. From me bashing it into things.

    I don't know/understand watches. I am only here for the entertainment.

    Whenever you say 'Tudor' I always imagine you talking about yourself in 3rd person calling yourself Tudor. Its a good mental image, try it.


  • ok, cool story bro time

    so this morning i was about to go to work and because i had stuff planned for the afternoon i took clothes with me to change. i usually don't wear the Panerai to work so i took it with me and put it inside my boots. got over to the car, put my clothes inside the car, the camera and tripod as well,got in and off to work. 15 minutes later i park. i reached to get something from the back seats and noticed that the boots were missing. i forgot the boots with the watch inside on top of the car. run like hell to get back home. reach home, no boots or watch anywhere. gone. walked for like 2km from the route i took, no boots or watch anywhere. i started knocking on neighbours doors hoping that someone saw something. a woman next door told me that her husband saw some shoes in the middle of the road but he didn't stop. next house that had security cameras couldn't help because the cameras could not see the road. i called the police maybe someone found something and gave it to them but nothing. around 3 hours later of me stressing and kicking my self for my stupidity a guy calls the area developer (there are many new houses where i live and the developer is always there) and tells him he found a pair of boots and a watch. he said he saw the boots and thought they would do for hunting!!! we run over to his work and he had the boots and the watch.. you can imagine my relief when i got the watch back.
    the watch has a couple of scars now from the fall. i guess they are now a part of the story and a reminder of my stupidity :)

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  • Scars are good

    You are an idiot.

  • I got sweaty palms reading it. God, you’re lucky.

  • Username checks out

  • His username isn't @numpty

  • Never put things on top the car, people.

    Unless bikes. In a bike rack.

  • hahah true

    @PawG by that time i considered it gone. pretty lucky that the one who found them was kind enough to contact the developer.

  • You can get a sapphire crystal version with open caseback for an extra £700 over the hesalite but as you say depends on your preference to the original.

  • Onmgmggggggg @panic. Wild.

  • If a tool watch 'has features that accomplish specific tasks beyond simply keeping accurate time' then shirley the moonwatch, which has a hesalite crystal for a very specific reason, is a tool watch?

  • Pics of the boots?

  • :)

    @JB tell me about it. the moment you realise you f*cked up..

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  • Serves you right.

  • Or are you more likely to bash it against a desk. Or run it against a wall or door frame?

  • Sub Friday.

    I saw the pictures over the last few days so got this out for the first time in ages. Vintage 5513 with spider web dial. Feels lovely and heavy on your wrist, but rather battered with a scratch on the glass that needs to be polished out. The dial seems pretty minimal compared to the modern versions.....

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  • Really like it. Seems very well put together and the colour really pops. I was considering the Oxley as well but they only have it in a black PVD case at the moment and I quite like the bronze crown/brushed lug tops combo of the ‘universal’ case.
    The GMT function is caller rather than traveller but I think you have to spend a lot more to get that.

    I realise it’s nothing like any of the GMTs I was looking at before but I realised loud colour appeals more than something deadly serious.

  • Do you do much diving? If you're buying a mechanical watch you're already conceding things like accuracy to any quartz watch so you've got to buy into the historical side.

  • The thing with the proper moonwatch is that it hasn’t changed since 1969 or whenever they last had it recertified. Whereas the Sub is a very different watch that has evolved over decades.

    Hesalite scratches but sapphire shatters. Hesalite/acrylic is a better choice for a tool watch. Seiko are finally putting sapphire crystals and ceramic bezels (also prone to shattering) in their pro level divers because the market demands it, but they really didn’t want to for a long time.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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