What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Have you considered using our very own @31trum?
    https://instagram.com/jpw.leatherworks?i­gshid=1vvquffdbs5zt on the gram.

    I have starp #77 so am probably bias...

  • Are starps available in the same style as that TSS strap? I've been pondering something like that for my Smiths Everest.

  • Just went back and read the blurb on your B-Uhr watch, so much thought in the design. I’d love to see a video of that hack feature too, very cool.

  • Ha, 83 & 84 are my straps

  • @Stonehedge I think I need a 17mm strap, any recommendations please?

  • Early start. Strap chat yesterday inspired me to dig out my 31trum NATO.

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    • IMG_20191108_063519.jpg
  • I might have something in my strap box. Will check a bit later.

  • Looks more like an 18mm to me.

    I've just been through a pile of straps and while I have a lot of 18mm that would fit perfectly, they're all extra long straps for my wrist so I have a feeling that they'll be way to long for your gf.

    I actually agree with @freddo. That strap looks good. Why not leave it on so you guys can make a decision about a strap together? Its a personal choice...

  • It’s Friday folks. I’ll not bother with my Apple Watch.

  • I'm not even wearing a watch today

  • I tried this on yesterday. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like the quality was there. It’s definitely genuine as it was a fancy Geneve shop here in Gran Canaria. I don’t have much experience with the speedmasters, are the original ones more solid feeling? The movement looks beautiful but the watch itself surprised me a lot, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m going to look at the new Railmaster today and I’m hoping for a different outcome.

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  • Big Seiko today...

    Made so much nicer by a stealthy Ericas MN strap.

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  • They’re a tool watch with a workhorse movement that was designed to be constructed to a price. You could argue that the luxury pricing these days is something of a stretch, but they will never not be popular. And to be honest, there aren’t that many cheaper mechanical chronographs, even hand-wound ones.

    The one thing with the cam-actuated 861/1861 movements is the pusher “click” feel is never going to be as nice as a column wheel design. That might have contributed to your impression of a lack of quality?

  • I love the design, the legacy and all about this watch. It’s great but it just didn’t feel like a €4800 watch to me. But as I said - this is the first Speedmaster I’ve seen in real life.

  • I suppose its just a matter of personal opinion but for me, the Speedmaster was overpriced as soon as it went above £3.5k.

  • This.

    I bought and sold mine for £3k.

    Great watch for that price but hard to justify above it.

    Still occasionally lust after a 38mm though.

  • I agree the speedmaster is overpriced. But... I love mine. I originally tried one on in an airport, a non moon watch version with sapphire and clear case back. I wasn't overly impressed.

    Then my wife surprised me with a proper moon watch for my 40th. Totally different and beautiful to wear. I wear it nearly everyday.

  • OG moon watch is the only way.

    If you love it then money doesn’t really matter anyway.

  • GMT solved.

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  • Decided to dip into digital Casio; there are so many to choose from it took me a while to find one I wanted.
    I was after a classic Casio look but, all black without being G-Shock. Also wanted to have a NATO as I find plastic ones sweaty.
    Got it for cycling and camping etc as I was fed up of worrying about breaking the crystal of my other watches, and getting smashed in the back of the hand by the crown. Also they're so much bigger you cant sleep in them as easily.
    I found the W-59B ticked all boxes, and got an open box one for only £15, so got that and replaced the original strap with this one, nice black hardware too, cost almost as much as the watch itself, ha! So light and slim, its perfect for this use case.

    And of course it does the Casio trick too...

  • Hmmm, its around 17.5mm inside the lugs and the strap itself is closer to 17mm. You can't see buy the tail of the non clap side is flecked with paint and cracked.

  • Tudor is getting a nice patina now. From me bashing it into things.

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  • Why not leave it on so you guys can make a decision about a strap together? Its a personal choice...


    This is what I did with my OH's GP. In the end she went with a darker colour than I would have chosen, and a different one from her initial thought. Overall the final one was the correct choice.

    Plus she enjoyed the process.

  • I'm not a fan of the speedy myself.

    And don't think a tool watch should have anything less than sapphire crystal. I don't think This isn't a tool watch, not with a hesalite crystal.

    Same for rolex. The originals were tool watches, but today's iteration is certainly not.

    By sticking to its heritage, no longer makes it a tool watch.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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