What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • All depends on size, but vintage watches always tend to be smaller, so a men’s Tudor or omega from 60s/70s would probably be of similar size to modern women’s, I would think you would get a much better choice of omega than Tudor at £500

  • Perhaps not with a bracelet in good shape for £500 though.

    @Bobbo definitely looking for a vintage look or would something more modern work?

  • Missed the bracelet bit! Yes would be on leather for that.

  • @Stonehedge something modern would work. Would love to get like a 34mm omega, of which there appear to be plenty about that price I think. However, your point about a bracelet is key. Hard to find one with a bracelet from my initial searching, let alone one in good shape. Aftermarket bracelet an option at all? Cheers

  • Honestly, not really. Even if you get the perfect fit aftermarket bracelet the tone of the steel is often slightly wrong.

    I've started to move away from bracelets and prefer straps now days tbh. I just find them more practical and comfortable for most things.

  • I've been ogling this this watch

  • Have we had the "Casioak" new skinny G-Shock

  • And the Timex Q

  • Have we had the "Casioak" new skinny G-Shock

    Yep. Someone up page has a wrist shot.

    Kind of liked it when I first saw it but now...

    Too angular.

  • My Birthday today! No watch purchases but got a watch magazine actually by Esquire which I wasnt aware of. They do the same issue with alternative watch covers. Has a directory of brands and their current models which I thought would be a good reference in the future.
    Also popped into a jewlers and watch shop which I would highly recommend, called Mallory in Bath. Apparently only just refurbished around 5 weeks ago, stocking Rolex (more stock than I've seen of late, one all good and blue faced sub) Omega, with the 70th Anniversary Seamaster in the window too along with Patel, Tudor, Montblanc and so on. Top gent in there called Tom if you're close by.

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  • should be able to get an oyster princess for that kind of £s

  • Happy birthday!

    Don’t suppose you saw an explorer I in there?

  • Lol

    Or any of the latest steel rolexes?

  • Thought I'd show off the guts of my PRS42 again. It just makes me really happy.

    Its a Unitas 6497/8 (not sure which) with a center second modification, swan neck regulator and zero hour hacking mod. The finishing is beautiful.

    Hardly a "special" watch but its still pretty pleasing to own such an unusually modded movement. As far as I know, there are only 50 like it.

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  • I have read anecdotes that there was one European watchmaker who made central seconds mods for the Unitas movements but he died a few years ago. Apparently Eddie Platts managed to buy the last 50. I don't know how true that is, but adds a nice side story to the movement I suppose.

  • Unfortunately not but a great team in there!

  • New #Seiko Day! Seiko Presage SARY055 ...

    I want to put a vintage leather strap on it for the winter... I usually use Two Stitch Straps, but any other recommendations?

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  • Hursh.

    A good tip for destressing a strap is to put it in a ziplock bag with some coins and give it a shake. If you want to protect the metalwork you can mask it off.

  • I've tried the Hirsch leather straps and they're nowhere near as nice as TwoStitchStraps. Absolutely no contest, and the same price.

  • Are you maybe comparing different styles of strap? The two stitch straps are fairly heavy duty thick leather things whereas Hirsch straps tend to be finer leather. Also, Hirsch have multiple price points, with their best ones costing £00s.

  • Also, of you like the Two Stitch style, have you considered a starp?

  • I'm only talking about the equivalent style below ... their other straps are nice, I have them on dress watches.

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  • Ah I see, haven't tried one of those yet.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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