What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • That is lovely

  • I went to the Cartier exhibition a couple years back at Design Museum.

    Never knew the tank watch was named after a war machine. 😎

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  • I don't know the lug width yet, but that sounds ideal. Do you have some photos and a price please?

  • Thanks she doesn't really go in for jewellery so I'm hoping this will win her over 😅

  • I wind my manual watch every day before i go to bed. Wind untill resistance.

  • Free if it fits. Will take some photos when I'm back home.

  • Oh you are kind, how about a forum donation instead? (If it fits)

  • That is really lovely. I'd keep the strap, it looks to be in perfectly good condition, and it is a bit of a personal choice.

    Please remind her that it needs to be kept away from water and humid environments. It seems obvious when you know, but not so obvious to everyone else :)

  • That is really lovely. I bought my wife a cartier Santos automatic years ago, something she had always wanted and even though i have access to many more brands now she won't part with it.
    I may have a box you can have or at the very least a suede service pouch , will have a look and let you know.

  • Forum comes through again! Great buy spotter.

  • This do for starters ? Pm your address and will post out.

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  • top lads. lovely cartier. jealous.

  • ❤❤❤

    Thank you very much indeed, that is very kind of you I will send you a PM now and make a forum donation too.

    @freddo thank you for the tip, I'll be sure to let her know. I will probably take @Stonehedge up on his offer, and then keep the original strap too so we have options. Worst come to the worst I can just give the new one back or pass it on on here if she decides its not right.

  • Don't get too excited, have you checked if it'll fit yet?

  • It's in the post, will check next week. Thank you.

  • Jesus, this is cringe worthy. It's on the money about steel right now but how it is just referred to as "Nautilus". Aquanaut all day for me.

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  • Jesus. Boardroom line is awful. Gross gross gross!

  • Managed to mark the bracelet on my speedy already. Kind of gutted but not sure if I should just expect it and get over it. Anything I can do myself to make them less noticeable?

  • Poke yourself in the eyes with a rusty link remover...

  • Morniiing. Its Friday, army duty today...

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  • Careful the enemy doesn't see that glinting on your wrist....

  • hahha true. should have wore the blackout one!

  • My advice is to consider it patina/character and make your peace with it. You should see my Rolex bracelet after a few months. They scratch very easily.

    I think it’s to do with the type of steel and the finishing. I have had Seiko bracelets (and cases) which they apply a hard coating to called Diashield, and it works wonders to reduce scuffs and scratches. But it doesn’t look as nice (it slightly dulls the colour) and can’t be re-polished, which is why they don’t use it on Grand Seiko (also scratch magnets apparently).

  • My Friday shot, from last week.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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