What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • That said, its probably a bit less embarrassing than buying a Rolex.

  • An Explorer I should do the job.

  • https://www.garmin.com/en-US/marq/collec­tion/commander

    who would have thought this dude would grow up to be a copywriter?

  • Speaking of Ultraman. Did anyone see the Ultraman on Antiques Roadshow a few weeks ago?

  • .

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  • Looks like they’ve taken the polywatch to that crystal.

  • Oops. Found at 20% off retail already from an AD in California, so no tax either. Outstanding watch in the flesh. A cut above the Khaki Field Mechanical without a doubt from a finishing perspective. Case brushing and dial work is far superior. The crystal, whilst mineral, is double AR coated. The reflectivity of the Khaki Field’s crystal was its biggest downfall. Might be my favorite watch that I’ve owned. I know I’m a fickle person, but it just immediately clicked for me.

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  • Looks awesome. Is that the strap that comes with it? Can you do a review in a couple of days on the time gain / loss?

  • Yep. I don’t love the way it doesn’t fold back over like an ordinary NATO, but the strap itself and buckle are really nice. And yep, I am timing it already . Will update on Friday morning as I’m flying and will need to change it on Friday afternoon.

  • Looks really good. Even the typography, nothing superfluous at all.

  • Yep. I’m sure there’ll be some critics of the faux patina but I don’t have 50 years to make it look like this.... which it wouldn’t anyway....because SuperLuminova doesn’t change colour!

  • Lovely. A Hamilton is on my ever expanding watch list and having noted your comments regarding the field watch, this could be the one to go for.

  • like!

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  • Yeah I mean “all” they had to do was copy the W10 exactly and they’ve pretty much done that. The “Mechanical” text is the only blooper (it’s in Helvetica, anything on a watch of that era would have been hand-drawn). I would love to have seen an option to have white lume but I appreciate that the vast majority want the vintage vibe.

    Looks great!

  • Sooooooo close. What idiot draws a line right through the logotype without leaving a gap? Also the hour hand is too long.

  • true.. ruined it now. dont mind the hour hand but the line on the G is not good

  • While we’re talking about type, which none of you were, I was catching up with the Hoodwinkee pod and the one with Jonathan Hoefler was really good. @Stonehedge towards the end he makes a very polite argument against Arial on watch dials. Also lil Stevie P puts the point to him about it being a knockoff Helvetica and therefore a self-insult to Switzerland, pretty sure he lifted that from my tedious comments under various H articles.

  • wellthatescalatedquickly.jpg

    Nice time piece, especially with tax free discount bonus. Gives you 20% more smug when you look at it.

  • So despite my best efforts, I came home from my trip without a watch. KL airport omega shop had them higher than advertised UK prices when converted and then after schlepping to the other end of HK airport we found the Omega shop wasn't open until November. It's got me focused on getting one sooner rather than later now though so thats a positive!

  • awesome JB

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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