What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Ha ha. Don't think we can accuse Nuun Egypt of taking their PP copying too seriously!

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  • It is very nice. Sadly too large for my emaciated cyclist's arm though.

  • I mean I'm not saying it's my favourite watch by any means but compared to other brands they really aren't carbon copying it nearly as much in my opinion. The bracelet, well yes but I think it looks (at least in the render) a nicer profile than the Patek. For me the Nautilus has always been a watch that the majority buy for the status but then that could be said for many watch brands. I think the bracelet looks cheap due to the slight arch of the polished centre section, never tried one on though so could be a different story then. The Bell & Ross does appear to wear quite big on the website images.

  • .

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  • Yeah, I mean, I don’t hate it intrinsically (despite it being a bit large and thick for the sort of watch they’re apeing), it’s just what it says about the brand and its ambitions. They could have made a ‘70s-influenced steel sports watch with an integrated bracelet without directly lifting specific design details from the hottest 70s steel sports watch of the moment.

  • True. Still over priced in my opinion too.

  • Undoubtedly, despite the discounts you’d easily be able to get. The case finishing looks nice but the movement is extremely meh. If it’s really going to be pitched north of four grand GBP you’re playing firmly in IWC, Jaeger and Rolex’s backyard at that point, and the movement already compares poorly to a Tudor.

  • Exactly 1 year on from buying my OP36 in terminal 5, literally nothing SS there today and well barely anything at all

  • Quite frankly embarrassing isn't it

  • This... I just walked out. Fuck it. What's the point.

  • @Velocio did you ever end up with that moody Patek?

  • I didn't!

    I should totally go back and resume that.

    But when they finally got their store and ordering details back up, I had the excitement of my boiler needing an overhaul and reprioritised my immediate cash in that direction.

  • Yeah and I didn't check the movement to be fair. I'd rather get an OP36 or a Reverso for the price as you said.

  • Last night at work...

    There are some watches out there that were it not for seeing it in the flesh on someone’s wrist, you may never know they even existed. Can’t say I’m wild about it but nice to see something unusual. He paid cough $85k ~ five years ago.

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  • Mki and Mkii

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  • Like the mkii

  • Mk Tintin

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  • Gerald Genta... truly, a genius of design.

  • thats the same case as the bvlgari octo something

  • Uncle’s wedding today. Sister’s partner was wearing his Planet Ocean. Turns out he owns a few Omegas. Might have to be nicer to him after all.

  • Bulgari bought ‘Gerald Genta’ the company quite a while ago, maybe the watch I posted is older than he thought.

  • Squale diver awaiting replacement screw-down crown.

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  • Very cool, Bakelite bezel?

    This just arrived in the post, very enjoyable first flick through.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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