What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Still giving this all the off-bike wrist time. I did put the Omega (30T black dial sub second) on for a few hours the other day but reverted to this again after.

    Whenever I try look up about these brands it seems like there was a moment in the 60’s-70’s when watch companies had conveniently named themselves after cars. Similar EPSA cases have Bentley or Pontiac dials for example. Anyway the servicing was worth every penny, it’s been keeping great time; possibly it’s losing a few seconds but I should sit it down overnight in a different position maybe.

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  • Two new pieces

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  • Oof

    Oyster Perpetual nicely aligned as well.

  • @Regal sublime!

    @umop3pisdn congratulations on both new pickups!

    Strong start to the day fellas.

    Just noticed bezel still in posish from cooking pizza.

  • So sharp, so jealous.

    Picture edit: Stopping at the local brewery to get stocked for tomorrow.

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  • One of my favourites. Is it just as good as you'd hope in the flesh so to speak?? Only seen the grape version in 36mm.

  • So it’s here .........

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  • So, how much?

  • Off to watch the cricket in the pub.

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  • Oh, wow! Even if I sold my soul I couldn't afford one of these.

  • Yeah, I love it. The bracelet is so good and the size is perfect for me. Feels “classic”.

    The markers are sharper than I gave them credit for too. They glitter a bit more than I’m used to but I’m ok with that.

  • Really boring but can't bring myself to part with...

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  • Congratulations, a couple of keepers.

  • Got my Carrera as a wedding present 14 years ago yesterday..

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  • New York is so disgusting and humid in the summer that wearing a bracelet due to wrist swell is impossible. This Crown & Buckle Supreme NATO has only got better with wear...

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  • Friday flight
    *why you not posting stupid photo!

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  • Tried on this beauty

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  • Cheers, did you get yours sorted?

  • good price for tudor GMTs at WoS Gatwick North

  • oh wow that's a great selection. I'm looking for the bronze/grey one, hopefully the store at Geneva airport has some. (And maybe a rolex or two)

  • Come on Aberdeen! Show me your wares!

  • I'm not good with these types of things but am off to Canada in September. If I wanted to, for example purchase the Tudor GMT there, I'm assuming it's only tax free if your not a British citizen and your leaving the country holiday wise so to speak??

  • No. You can buy it. It is just that you should be declaring it when you return so that you pay the VAT........ but if you do not declare it... whilst you save the cash, it is technically tax evasion.

    British citizen fiance got her Rolex in Heathrow and saved the VAT. We live in the U.S. so it is slightly different, but if she had just been on holiday, taking it back to the UK without declaring it would be tax evasion.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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