What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Maybe cos it’s yellow but shit me that looks awesome. Must find space (and money) for one of those.

  • space

    dude... Product Dimensions 1.7 x 3.9 x 0.9 inches

  • Bro do you even messy bedroom/life?

  • by the way clan....I have a 20% off voucher for G Shock. PM me if you're in the market.

  • Bro do you even messy bedroom/life?

    not really... have tried as much as possible to minimise the crap I own over the last few years. of course now with a 5 month old more stuff is accumulating again!

  • This is dope.

  • Saw some top quality fake Rolexes today. Just a slight issue that they appeared to be made of plastic.

  • hahah pretty cool isnt it? i spotted it in a bark and jack video to be honest and i found it on amazon. ordered one and then i saw the dimensions. there is another larger model but i wouldnt pay £60 for it!!

  • Yea the cost is a bit dear for what’s effectively a gimmick or joke purchase, but I love the design. Bigger the better for sure, but not as far as price tags.

  • Does anyone have a black 22mm isofrane strap they want to move on?

  • I sold one only last week. Sorry, not very helpful I know!

    They don't tend to sell for much less second hand if they are in good condition so maybe go for new if you can stomach the price. I have never seen one for less than £100. At that price you might as well look at Hirsch Pure and Hirsch Extreme. Both superb natural rubber straps.

  • I wouldn’t mind buying new but I can’t find a uk stockist with 22mm in black

  • Have you tried WatchObsession?

  • Actually really like these. Not a huge Bell & Ross fan but these are nice. If they were around the £1500 mark and 39mm I'd seriously consider. Steel out of the two for me.

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    • 10-Bell- Ross-x- The- Rake- and-Revolution-Bellytanker-.jpg
    • 13-Bell- Ross-x- The- Rake- and-Revolution-Bellytanker-.jpg
    • 16-Bell- Ross-x- The- Rake- and-Revolution-Bellytanker-.jpg
  • How much really though?

  • that much. are they that good?

  • The orange steel one is £3730, the bronze £4140. Getting pretty much to the Tudor price point then which some might prefer brand wise and investment wise.

  • I prefer the B&R design (the existing “heritage” one is really nice) to the confused BB chrono but the Tudor/Breitling movement definitely counts for something. Think you’d have to be aiming for at least a 20% discount on the B&R though.

  • My thoughts exactly. They have some really nice colours for other chronos in their range as well (blue dial) and I think the balance and space dial wise is better than the Tudor but the price is too high.

  • They are the best natural rubber dive strap I have ever worn. Plenty of people share that opinion. If there is a more comfortable and practical natural rubber dive strap out there for less, i'd be surprised.

    For me, the eye opening moment was the first time I wore a natural rubber strap (isofrane copy, costing about £75). The suppleness and fit are a world away from silicon. The gap between a £75 natural rubber strap and a £140 rubber strap is small, the gains become smaller for the increased cost. The Isofrane is better than any of the copies I have tried, but whether its worth the extra cost is down to personal opinion.

    After having a few good isofrane copies (not fakes) and buying my first isofrane, I ended up with three of them. I've spent over twice as much on other rubber straps before, and the isofrane is still the best imho.

  • Pondering ... is £1300 for a Longines watch which isn’t automatic or manual wind too expensive?

  • New watch.

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  • Love it...

  • Very nice indeed.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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