What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Random but anybody ever work in Hong Kong?? Tudor I like but only really seen it available in the Asian market.

  • Just look at how beautiful it is... The numerals, the dial, the hands, the case, the whole shebang... It's perfect, absolutely perfect...

    Looks best on a leather strap for me...

  • I don't work in HK but I see Tudor everywhere in London and New York?

  • I see Tudor everywhere in the UK

  • I blame David Beckham.

  • Which model? The only Tudors you should have to wait for from an AD here are the BB58 and BB GMT. The GMT is a bit harder to get but apparently that was exacerbated by an early issue they had with the new GMT calibre, where the date wouldn’t reliably change, so they took a lot of them back to be fixed.

    Loads of ADs carry Tudor in London. In fact your man eJay can probably sort you out.

  • Was in Brent Cross today. Fraser Hart, Ernest Jones and Goldsmiths within pisssing range of each other. All carry Tudor.

  • It’s getting worse...

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  • Wot the actual fuck is that?

  • Ugh. Watchgang. They've been spamming me for ages. No I don't want to pay hundr ds of pounds per month for a bunch of quartz watches that aren't as good as the ones I could buy for the same money.

  • Hang on, they've just changed the shape of the hands and flipped Chrono24's logo. Cheeky bastards.

  • And OUT OF ORDER?! What the fuck?

  • They can fuck right off>>>>>

  • But it's what guys want… I'm a guy… it's what I talk about all the time, with the guys.

    It's just fashion watches, safe to ignore.

  • Love the sub text.

    Damaged in transit.

    Cool as fuck.

    Oh Italy. Now I get it.

  • The cyclops that doesn’t magnify is the best. So ironic, hipster’s paradise.

  • Yeah these fucking boneheads be spamming me too. Looked like all filler bollocks to me!

  • In regards to the tudor question, it's for a model that's really a Tudor replica of the Rolex daydate but it's a fairly new edition. From what I read they're only a few years old but they're not common here and being tudor are fairly well priced for what you're getting. Id love the Rolex but with wedding approaching I think I'm being a little too optimistic. Tudor will probably work out about £1000 for one in top or brand new condition with the same white gold fluted bezel etc.

  • Sorry forgot to say it's the Day-Date edition. Not as good typeface wise, bracelet or composition as the Rolex and the baton markers look a little shorter but it's pretty solid.

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  • Yeah I'm aware of that but I'm not fussed on the GMT personally, too high and 41mm would look out of place on my wrist.

    I like the BB58 but can't afford it just yet.

    I'm hoping / praying they might bring out a sub of their own in a 39mm/40mm size next yeah like the mock up photos online for this year's just gone.

  • They won't. There's simply no need anymore. The Black Bay line is already too big, introducing a sub would be a madness. Buy vintage if you want a Tudor sub, but then you could almost buy a Rolex sub for the same money now...

    Re that Tudor, if it's a 94510, that is not a modern model. If you're talking about the currently available 'Glamour Day-Date', you're looking for ref 56000.

  • Yeah, I just mentioned the 58 and GMT because they’re the only ones you should have any difficulty finding at an authorised dealer. The Glamour day-date shouldn’t be a problem, personally I feel the dressier Tudors have lost their vibe a bit in a way that the corresponding Rolexes haven’t. Maybe vintage is the way to go?

  • Hands off

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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