What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Check out all the great variations from the Junghans Mega line. Not solar powered but cover everything else with great style. One has a great open back as well depending on your preference. Not a fan of the bracelet on that one though but a fair few options.

  • Good call. There's a couple of that really fit the bill. Thanks.

  • I initially was trying to grab a Gshock solar model but they only had the negative display version of the one I wanted. The ref is BN0118-04E. Its the closest to the 'Ray mears' that you can buy today, I think. I used to have a very similar looking one but this has a titanium monoblok case and sapphire crystal, rather than stainless and regular. If it had radio time control it would be perfect.

  • I tried on a mega the other day while visiting to try the handwinding. It was nice. If would have been tempted if I wasn't specifically in for something else.

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  • Fit the Bill, nice.

  • Dreaming on Reddit and saw this. IMH(and biased)O it’s rather nice.

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  • Belongs in Chelsea...

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  • Maybe. It reminds me of my Zenith Defy which some postie stole some years ago. I still like it - Chelsea or no Chelsea.

  • I really like it as well. Those particular Seamasters often don't have too much character but the white really makes it pop. Reminds me of an old white Toywatch I had back in the days.

  • Sorry for the direct question but what gender are you?

  • This is the only version of this watch I've liked. Do it!

  • Puerile sexist thread >>>>>>>

  • I’m currently male. I’m not too worried why you are asking as I’m comfortable in my gender. Also, I’m old! Lol

  • Ah cool. It’s just that I’ve never seen a man wearing that watch and I always assumed that Omega designed it for women (edit: a certain type of woman) who want to wear a “men’s” watch, kinda like the whole “boyfriend’s jeans” thing . In fact my girlfriend wears a watch from a “men’s” range which I doubt most men would wear as they would consider it too feminine. I have no actual opinion on any of this, just observing a trend in watch design that I find mildly interesting.

  • I’ve been wearing the Baby G and initially felt uncomfortable... but compared to a pink bomber, what me worry.

    Think a lot depends on confidence to pull off a look. Besides, millennial, gender assumption, BLT sandwiches etc.

  • I’m slightly confused by your opinion. I’ve seen chaps wear watches which would look ladylike on me but they look good on those chaps. I was in an Omega dealer recently where the female member of staff was wearing a Seamaster. It looked huge on her wrist but it also looked great. She knew everything there is to know about Omegas and mentioned that she liked the Sesmaster so much, she had to have one. So - unisex watch? You decide.

    My opinion is that if you like it, who the F cares. That lady certainly didn’t care at all and she looked great. I’m an aging or aged punk so that may explain my opinion. Old age is shit, but the punk mentality never dies.

  • Yeah, as i said I don’t have an opinion on this but if I did I would agree with you.

  • much more interestingly, this is an excellent article and should definitely be on everyone’s Sunday morning reading list:


  • Don't mind that white on white Meg. I wouldn't wear a black one but that is passable. Na fuck it. Still wouldn't wear a Meg. 😎

  • Price drop on my Cocktail Time.

    Now just £225.00

    Watch has been worn no more than a couple of times, so is in ‘as new’ condition.

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  • If it doesn’t sell, ebay has its £1 listing this weekend... but please, for me, take a photo with some meticulously placed wholetail/ king prawns and pink sauce for the listing.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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