What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Can we stop this boring debate?

  • My takeaway - if you are wearing a watch to try and impress others, whether fake or real, you are probably a bit silly.

  • What about wearing a watch to show others that you are, at least in part, similar to them?

    There might be many reasons to wear something incredible - I suspect this is one of them, on occasion.

  • Gah - I dunno.

    Did Clifford Geertz write anything about watches?

  • One of my colleagues mentioned my watch the other day, she said "why don't you wear that big black one anymore? That's much nicer than the little silver ones".

    Score one for the Garmin Fenix 3, Omega Railmaster and Speedmaster can exit stage left in ignominy.

  • More like dessert boots amirite

  • Oh. V shit.

  • Popped it on to wear for a bit, since it’s kept correct time for over 24 hours sat on the counter.

    With a new battery the other day it kept time all day on the wrist, and only lost it when flat on the counter.... then didn’t lose any again after that. So either the mechanical parts are in desperate need of a service, or the electronics have a very intermittent fault.

    Sorry, not sorry, about the orange perlon... I had a black nato on the pile to bring with me here and somehow it didn’t arrive. Must be on the floor at home.

    Edit: lost time again. Balls.

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  • Any interest in this cocktail time?

    Absolutely mint - worn once.

    Beautiful watch - I just never get the right opportunity to wear it.


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  • Hah... love my Fenix

  • Sunday, a rarely worn watch- so rarely that I need to take a link out.

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  • Cor! That dinner looks good

  • If it's cured meat on the left, I'm in!

  • Badass wear it more

  • Balls I really like these watches but it’s not on the list, so I’m going to try and not say dibs.

  • So out of curiosity, as a desk diver, what is the deepest diver watch on the forum?

    As a simple complication, I think it's an interesting one...

    Most will never reach even the shallowest of depths but these are divers.

    Any deep dive Sinns or rolex seadweller deepseas?

    What's the ratings? I have on my Ocean One at 500m.

    Does anyone do any deep dives?

  • desk diver
    Does anyone do any deep dives?

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  • I've got two watches rated to 1,000m.

    The deepest I have been with either of them is about 4m.

  • Did you get the fear ?

  • I know someone who was wearing a Daytona yesterday with a pair of Nike's.

    Was this @amey ?

  • Different things happen to the fake watches. The owner is informed. Sometimes the dial is destroyed and the watch returned. Sometimes it isn’t returned. In one case where a widow sent in her husband’s old watch, she was returned the fake as delivered to them, since it was a special circumstance.

    I was surprised that they were legally allowed to not return / destroy someone else’s property.

  • Yeah, I don't think they are actually allowed to keep/destroy it under UK law, as its not illegal to own or buy counterfeit goods, only to sell them as genuine being illegal iirc.

  • I thought you'd be one of them.

    Rolex deepsea is rated 4000m
    Sinn u2 is rated 2000m

    What was yours?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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