What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Is there not something on Reddit about not advertising fakes etc ?

  • Completely agree, but I really struggle with homages.

    In the early days of Christopher Ward I bought a C60 and loved it, but as my appreciation of watches has grown I've found myself becoming less attached due to the similarities with Rolex divers, not because I dislike the style, but because my perception of it has changed - I find it less honest (really difficult to describe).

    For me, I've yet to find anything that ticks my genuine/authentic/quality/styling/practi­cality boxes beyond Sinn, hence quite a few are at the top of my list.

  • How u find time keeping? I thin mine is same movement. Keeps just as good time as Tudor when I remember to wear. 😎

  • Controversial opinion: The only people replica watches offend are those that have paid the full price and feel a little personally threatened by the diminished status if everyone has one and the only way to feel smug is "to know".

    For me... if I want a perfectly reliable accurate watch I put on my Casio and I love it (wearing it now).

    But all of these other watches are fashion accessories to me, I enjoy them but really cannot afford nor appreciate the top end (it's a bit like audiophilia, the poor returns after a certain point just can't justify it). If I could have such an item, it might not match the T-shirt I'm wearing that day :shrug.

    Being able to indulge in the looks without breaking the bank sounds like a lot of fun and would allow me to have a few replicas and pick and choose to match whatever style I wanted that day. Would it have to be perfect... nope... would I care that it's a replica, nope... in fact I'd be feeling smug that I had the look I wanted but didn't re-mortgage to get it.

  • If anything, a replica is just a derivative or homage that is more faithful to the original than any others :)

  • Totally understood. That’s why I linked you to the Bulova. Genta designed the RO for AP (and incidentally the PP Nautilus), then went on to design the Bulova, so it’s fully authentic. There are other examples of this happening if you hunt around

  • Buy a cheap(er) watch that isn’t a replica of something. Buy a whole bunch if you need to do mix and match.

    Anything wrong with this approach?

    That was a reply to @Velocio btw

  • Lovely watch. Love that microbrand. So well made.

  • It’s seems good but I haven’t really observed properly. I use this and a GP hand-winder as my dailies and they’re both accurate.

  • Everything is a homage to the first watch...

  • It’s nothing like audiophilia, unless you would buy a fake Mcintosh amp which contained Sansui electronics and then told people that you owned a Mcintosh.

    Ok. Buy one. You’ll see what i mean about the cost of ownership. I’m willing to bet you sell it inside six months ;)

  • ^^^^ What he says. And what he said previously.

  • No it's not .

  • Except perception is important too... Some day someone will judge you because its a fake. And that may be at a critical point or time in your life. A business deal or job interview. And the more senior the more prevalent it is.

  • Fake watch is equivalent to fake tan, fake teeth, fake smile, fake person...

    I’d rather have a genuine design at a reasonable price point (Hamilton khaki field, seiko turtle), than a fake or homage anything.

  • popcorn.gif

  • I did say the opinion was controversial :)

    For all the watches you see on the tube, in meeting rooms... a fair number of those are fake and if you ask you're probably going to be lied to.

    And would a run a Hackintosh... yup, I did :) Though I hated MacOS so went back to Linux soon after.

    Would I buy a replica... yup I would.

    Where I wouldn't buy replica stuff is where it would matter, i.e. in engineering that protects my life, for example a car engine :) But a watch is not critical engineering for me, it's a fashion item. And where it isn't, radio-sync'd quartz with solar power is the way forward.

  • 5th option, buy an original and a fake royal oak. Then you can wear the fake whenever you're worried about damaging it (although I'm of the view that if watches get knocks then so be it, it's part of owning a watch).

    Personally I'd far prefer spending the price of a fake on a timefactors, helson, steinhart or whatever.

    There are very few watches that don't have a decent "homage" for under a grand so if you really like that style of watch buy one of those (personally I'm not keen on anything that looks too similar). Otherwise you're really just buying the fake for the name and that name isn't even authentic.

  • All good natured opinion from my side too :)

    Actually I meant a Mcintosh amp, not the computer!

    Anyway, I’m not a brand whore but I value quality and authenticity. Brands are obviously shorthand for those and more. If you don’t care about the brand but only the utility, (edit: don’t care one iota for authenticity) and the utility is primarily as a nicely designed fashion accessory, then why not buy an homage?

  • Yeah - probably. I'll leave that up to the Reddit admins as to whether they deem those particular forums are advertising fakes, and if they were ever to be banned I don't think it'd be the first time (there's been repo fashion and trainer equivalents that have been banned in the past I believe).

    It casually looks to me like they are advertising, but I don't know the distinction between 'discussing' and 'advertising'.

  • BB58 again

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  • Some day someone will judge you because its a fake. And that may be at a critical point or time in your life. A business deal or job interview. And the more senior the more prevalent it is.

    Maybe - I don't think this would ever happen in my life (I likely move in the wrong circles), and this is buying into the whole 'expensive watches say something about your character' thing, which I don't think they really do anymore.

    Also, if the only distinction that you can see on them is that a bit of the font is slightly off, I think it's a relatively small risk that someone would notice that when it's moving about on your wrist.

  • Anyway, I’m not a brand whore but I value quality and authenticity

    This element of quality is what has challenged me to consider fakes, it looks/sounds like the quality is there in these watches, albeit judged through aesthetics.

    The deal breaker, I'd fear the movement is made of cheese or the numbers fall off, at which point $500 for 1-5 years doesn't sound like a good value proposition.

  • Sweet can someone link me to a top fake explorer 1?

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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