What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Given that the one that Soul found is number 98 and the one you have is number 1406, I wonder if it was a short run?

  • No worries @ejay2.0 - it was either spend 45 mins hunting this down or doing some actual work this afternoon...

    The strap interface makes me cringe a little.

    I just found it; didn't say it looked nice :-D

  • Reading the Watchguy comments, he actually warns somebody off buying one because of the lack of availability of parts and AP service overpricing.

  • It's now worn everyday by my fiance's father, so it's gone to a good home :) - I'm sending it off for a service next month.

  • Too tight, felt grainy, jumped multiple clicks when turned. Felt far inferior to a Seiko Turtle for example. It felt so bad that it may have been damaged, but then it was a new display model in Ernest Jones, and surely they wouldn’t put out a bust one?

  • Doesn't everything feel inferior to a (grand) seiko?

  • That does actually make me happy. Glad to hear it is loved by somebody.

  • Same goes for all RO strap interfaces. RO needs to be on a bracelet.

  • Long time coming, but I now finally own one of these.

    Unfortunately the movement is shot - the previous owner sold it as such. I need to source and fit a new ETA 955.411 or equivalent. Only ones I see ‘new’ on ebay from that range of 955 movements are different (955.112 etc), and none with black date wheel.

    Crystal needs replacing. A little worried though since the internal bezel rests behind it. Prefer not to damage.

    I was certain that I packed a black nato for this (it’s been sat in Germany at a friend’s), but just like my Kuota, after the BA flight it has disappeared into fat air.

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  • Isn't everything inferior to a seiko turtle?


  • You should have said something to them!

  • Weird. Sounds fucked. Should be like this...


  • Definitely not right, the bezel action on the one I tried was the best bit!

  • I probably have a 955.41X movement in my spares, and likely have a black date ring. Will have a look.

  • Hopefully a Trex might appear and give you the A-Z on Flightmasters

  • Hello Chief

  • Lots of overpriced ones - they are not worth, nor do they sell for the £4K plus that dealers ask.

    1 - Good, correct, examples typically sell for between £2250 and £3250 (despite dealers, and optimistic folk asking much more).

    2 - OK examples typically sell for between £1200 and £1800 (and some of us have got lucky and picked up really nice watches in this price bracket too).

    3 - Rough/Parts watches rarely seem to come up for sale - I grabbed one last month for £500. It’s going to cost a small fortune to fix.

    For some further context/information around point 3:

    a) - A full service from an Omega Authorised Service Centre here in the UK (Swiss Time Services who I have used in the past for two flightmaster services), runs to +/-£500 - this includes a full new set of crowns and pushers, and a new crystal.

    b) adding in cosmetic parts takes this to nearly £1400

    Tread carefully - don’t go north of £3250.

    Chris @ time4apint.com if you want to chat more/like to combine beer and watches.

  • Your st145.013 is an absolute beaut 👌

  • Great! Thanks!

    We put a new battery in and it started to tick. Strange since it was meant to be broken. Wearing it for now to see if the movement has any issues after all.

  • Found an old Victorinox leather strap in my box of bits

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  • Black or blue dial? Blue is almost black. Black is almost grey.

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  • It's about a mm too small but squeezes in nicely, that little flick of leather is just where it's wearing out from a previous life

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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