What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • taking it back after a week with those tiny scratches its a bit too much imo.

  • Really? You'd be happy with an unworn and expensive watch with scratches?

  • 7 day returns policy on a £2.5k watch seems a bit stingy.

  • no i mean the AD could have said it was perfectly fine when you got it. or that he should have inspected upon receipt etc

  • I see, that was certainly a big error on his part.

    He acknowledges that in his follow up video actually.

  • the biggest fail is how on earth the other guy did such a lousy job afterwards. i could remove those thing with some cape cod:)

  • I'd be nervous to try tbh, its such a perfect mirror finish on the side I'd be scared of making things much much worse!

  • A lot of fuckery involved for sure. Hadn't seen the video update.

  • Good to know it’s not obnoxious thicccc

    That Bell & Ross is decent, apart from the logo and the fact the name sounds like they make gear box parts for Helicopters.

    ETA is the company that makes the movements, like Valjoux? How do you know which grade of movement is in it, does the watch manufacture publish It or it just known?

    Sorry, full noob questions

  • All this Tudor talk has made me wander to my watch box, ditch the Garmin and put my Tudor on.

  • TBH the finish on the watch originally wouldn't bother me.. it's bound to end up like that in the first few weeks of wearing it..

  • Does anyone have a BB and a 58?

  • ETA is the movement manufacturer, yeah. It’s a calibre 2892, hence the “92” designation. B&R decorate it a bit themselves so I don’t think it really matters which grade it is, I expect it’s “elaboré” or whatever and not the chronometer spec.

    Bell & Ross are a relatively young brand, and for a lot of people they don’t have the cachet that Tudor have - Tudor are a Rolex offshoot, originally using Rolex cases and bracelets with cheaper movements. Personally I think Bell & Ross’s vintage style stuff is much better designed than Tudor’s range (eg the V2-93 GMT vs the BB GMT) but Tudor’s brand/heritage and marketing counts for a lot.

    Actually, re: their name, they’d love you to think they make helicopter parts. I think in reality they’re rich little French/Swiss boys, their names are Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo. Bell & Ross is a bastardisation/anglicisation.

  • Have you a link to the update ? thanks

  • You have the ETA black bay black don't you?

    I was browsing watchfinder today and saw they were attempting to sell one on a strap for about £3.5k. I know they inflate their prices a bit but almost double the retail price seems pretty crazy.

  • It's in the notes on the first video

  • Cheers, much appreciated

    I take the point about B&R being a young brand, for me I’d Rather have a Cheltenham made Smiths or something W10ish that’s actually old, but then I suppose someone could say the same thing about the Tudor, so it’s horses for courses and of course mostly marketing, as you say.

    GMT is the model or grade of movement?

  • Thanks. Hard to see on my phone without my gleeks!

  • GMT being the model, meaning a watch with an extra hand (and 24 hr bezel, usually) for a second time zone. The B&R V2-93 GMT has a GMT hand that apes the Rolex Explorer II. The Tudor Black Bay GMT imitates the Rolex GMT-Master with its “Pepsi” (blue and red) bezel. They’re almost exactly the same price.

  • Tudor is a relatively old brand, a hundred years or so. You could get something pretty nice and vintage for bb58 money but getting a new watch is also nice.

    Basically you're going to end up buying loads of watches.

  • Thank you

    Very helpful information

  • I do.

    I think the ones for £3.5k are GMT or bronze. Not standard steel.

  • LoL

    Yeah I can see this happening now...

    Kept it simple so far with an old Timex for cycling, a Smiths Astral & an old Winegartens job for work/dress, while I ask daft questions on here then no doubt, make a dubious purchase.

  • Got a call from the Omega Boutique that despite being twelfth on a list of ten available watches my luck was in- if I could pay for the watch in the next 24 hours. Which I could have done, but I have gone another route to buy this particular watch.

    Still- exciting as it means they’re filtering into the market now.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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