What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Imitation the best form of flattery

  • Just realised Steinhart appear to have nicked my avatar for their logo. Is there anything they won't copy shamelessly?

  • I suspect not.

  • 10pm onwards is Sailor Time?


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  • Or 15 minutes of every hour, depending on how you swing it.

    It’s an internal rotating bezel, but very slim Swiss quartz movement. May need a new movement as it was described as non working.

    Might just set the time to 10:50 and grab the rum.

  • The two Steinhart Rolex copies I bought from you are still going well. Particularly like the GMT

  • Looks good.

    Really curious to see what the lumed centre line ones would look like in the dark. So odd they don't have any pictures.

  • +1 nice watch

    I'm on the hunt for my next strap for the speedy and the perlon was on the shortlist

    50 euro is a bit of a burner though

  • Link on gf's 11 year old aquaracer broke the other day and fell off. It's the 2nd link from the case so doesn't seem obvious how to reattach it (minus one link).

    Can it be done? If so, anyone good in London to do it? (I've heard Tag customer service is a rip off/not that good).

    If not, where's the best place for a new bracelet?

  • Alsal is the usual forum choice

  • It’s a lot of money for a small strip of stretchy webbing and a couple of bits of stamped steel. Justify it to myself with the knowledge that they’re made by hand to order by one person. If someone set up mass producing them in China I think you could reasonably expect them to be more like £10-£15.

  • @Regal that looks great!

  • Cheers!

  • Jana just surprised me with the new Smith's Everest. I'm ecstatic. It's a hell of a watch.

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  • I've got one of those (MN straps) on order for my sharkdiver. Expensive but should be super comfy and not have all the annoying extra length and nonsense you get with regular natos

  • .

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  • Damn. The fauxtina is strong on that one.

  • I is confused.

    A fake fake?

    Same Same.

  • This is what I was getting at... I'm not to sure of the point. Unless dammit is being meta with a fake fake. Or Is it that he's getting from an auth dealer (cause that's the website says) and therefore its meta? Or its a real but he's humble bragging? which is quite meta.

  • @Stonehedge I really like that. Looks a lot like the dial from older explorer 1 models like the 1016 and 5504, which I much prefer to the dials on the newer versions

  • I'm wearing the Fauxmariner today, it's a cracking little watch I think - I really like it.

  • It’s based on the 1016.

    @Stonehedge does it stand alone against the original PRS-25 Everest? Great size.

  • I'm a big fan of the original, but this is a definite upgrade. The sapphire is sexy as fuck . The case is perfectly shaped.

    If I'm being really picky i'd say that it could do with being 1mm less thick (the case, not the raised crystal). I agree with people who say the clasp is a little thick but in lieu of the clasp design its super comfortable to wear.

    I'm hard pushed to think of a better watch for the money. Its a gem.

  • Back from a service...

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  • Is that a first gen Aqua Terra? 2503.50.00 or something? I really like those. A lot.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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