What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • A lot of ppl are buying the 60th edition Seamasters and brushing the polished sections. I tried one on a few weeks ago and that’s the only way I’d consider wearing it

  • Tritium will turn yellow over time but super Luminova or whatever omega is using on modern watches will never “age”. That’s why omega is making faux patina watches

  • Metas certified too, unlike the speedmaster 60th

  • Railmaster is Metas.

  • I think this is an interesting subject. The binder which holds the lume particles together will still age, so may be interesting to see what colour luminova turns from different manufacturers. Even Tritium ages in different colours. Some cream, some yellow, some brown. Often hands and dials have different lume and age differently too.

  • What's up with the numbers on the bezel reading counter-clockwise?

  • I've been thinking about the Steinhart Ocean One Mil Sub. What do they wear like and is the aged look too overdone?

  • ...

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  • I’d love for you to be right, but do you have any examples of luminova aging?

  • Did you purchase your Movado from the Adam Vintage website?

  • nah, that would've been way out of my price range.. why?

  • Always curious to note reputable vintage sellers and was daydreaming of this Omega he’s advertising.

    Link edit. https://www.adamvintage.com/store/p369/R­are_Omega_Seamaster_Day-Date_Ref._166.02­09_Cal.1022_Automatic_Men%27s_Watch_with­_Original_OmegaBracelet%7C_Vintage_Watch.html

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  • Hey lufuguss ballers! Sorry to spam you but @Bullheart needs our help, this seems like a good place to hit people up for cash... Sounds grim, give what you can... ❤️💛💚

  • I have an Ollech and Wajs chrono I took an eBay punt on last year, paid £130ish (not with the Hirsch strap!)

    I knew the chronograph was “hit or miss” but it’s never so much as worked for me, popped the back off snooped, Valjoux 7730, keeps ok time, phone app says it’s pretty magnitised.

    There’s a half decent watch company where I live, will they take a look and quote for a repair or will I have to pay upfront for investigation? Any ballpark guesses, £300 for a service and if it’s just a simple part replaced?

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  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Photos below from a recent discussion about a 2012 CWC. Photo from 2012 followed by current day:

  • That's really lovely.

  • Personally, I wouldn’t bother getting that fully serviced as it’s mot cost-effective, unless you are very attached to it.

    Is it only the chrono function which doesn’t run? Do the start/stop and reset buttons actuate the levers inside? It could be something quite trivial which is stopping it from starting. The “start” function simply moves an initially static wheel to engage with another moving wheel to advance the chronograph works. The depthing of this engagement can go out of alignment, so see if you can study the movement while exercising the start/stop button.

  • Lots of brands are doing "faux" and retro in a big way. Oris , Tudor black bay, Tag Heuer Autavia etc.
    I like the Seamaster 300 trilogy , it is much nicer in the flesh than pictures. Would I buy one ? yes for an investment ( not many made) would I wear one? No.
    I am a little tired of the whole retro thing. If you want to wear what looks like an old watch , then buy and old watch.
    If Tudor do anything else with Black Bay at Basel I think I will scream.

  • I think there's a degree of deliberate puritanism here (if it looks old it must be old) that misses the mark somewhat - the use of "aged Lume" is an aesthetic decision taken by the designer of the watch, the question to ask is whether the resulting design is cohesive and attractive, does said design embody elements that you can connect with and that tell you a little about the brand and the watch? Do you, ultimately, like it? If yes, then it's a success.

    If you don't like it then that's absolutely fine, it's not for you - but that's a personal choice based on your own sensibilities, it's not something inherent to the watch itself that fatally compromises it.

    It's the same thing that Singer do- a new car that uses much of the design of an older one:

    It's retro, yes - but it's not pretending to actually be a 1972 911, it's a modern car that uses a large number of the design elements from that era to create something new.

    i.e. you couldn't buy the car pictured in 1972, just as you could not buy one of the current watches back in 1972 - so saying just get an old one misses the point of these.

  • In your opinions...

    It’s the missus 30th soon and I have been looking at buying her a watch. I am down to 2:

    • JL Reverso Classic, silver with steel bracelet, manual
    • rolex datejust ladies silver and gold, automatic

    What do you guys think?

    Both beautiful, Design wise I have a massive pref for the JL, but it’s silver (she already have a silver non expensive watch) and more expensive than the rolex.
    The rolex is also beautiful, cheaper and it has some gold which will go along nicely with her engagement ring.

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  • Life would be so much easier if they’d just call it something else like ‘subtle lume’ or ‘orangey lume’ something not related to age or patina.

  • Both great. Maybe subtly ask her what she’d prefer.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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