What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • @ejay
    Would you ever post to Aus? Might need to PM you about something Omega related

  • I can bring it out in April

  • Ooh, that would be convenient. I'll be in touch if I manage to find what I'm after by then. I have until November and I'm trying not to leave it last minute.

  • I’ll be in Sydney from the 9th I think. Or, rather, the weekend before that, to start work on the 9th.

  • same as the Omega Cal 1045 isn't it? specs and sizes here http://chronomaddox.com/c1045.html

  • Took my Orient Mako II to get the watch band fixed. Fancy Rolex/Tudor Shop here in SF, dealing in the usual really high end stuff.

    Not only did they fix the band for free, the woman even commented on how good the mechanisms in Orients are. It's only a $180 watch... but yeah the internals seem pretty good to me (not that I k
    now anything!).

    That said, the damn watch strap is terrible, so ordered a temp replacement and finally a Bergeon spring tool. I've been using a knife lol

  • So they're saying a Seiko is like a Toyota?

    Definitely the sort of aspirational brand message and exclusively Rolex buyers are after ;)

  • Toyotas are great...

  • ah, great! i'm trying to source a triple register seiko to go with my lexus' (toyota) gauge cluster :D

  • If rolex are ford then yes... That's the analogy they're using.

  • I've always thought of Rolex as an entry level Mercedes.

  • BMW 3 series

  • Something like that. Cheapest entry point to the luxury market. More about telling people that you have a BMW than actually having one.

  • Yo dawg. I put a chronograph in yo speedo so u can find it difficult to read?

  • well, at first, yes. then you get used to it. but it is beautiful though - i love to look at it on the rare occasion i get in the car :)

  • Do you really want to open that can of worms .............pm me your address and i'll send you that brochure they sent me ( unasked for I hasten to add)

  • Ok cool , I'll pm after I speak to to the client. If the deal comes off I will let you know.

  • Thanks, interesting link. From what I’ve read it’s one of the clearest chronographs but a bit big and a bit thick, just wondered if anyone had one.
    That Speedy Mark V is an odd one, came across this the other day and just presumed bitsa because of the Seamaster caseback... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=­https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm­%2F122932192266

  • It's not a can of worms - it's an interesting piece on where GS came from, where it's going and a direct comparison between two watches that cost the same amount.

    If you take the time to watch the video, it shares your opinion in terms of perceived value to the consumer of GS despite the higher quality...

  • Shimano Dura Ace Vs Campagnolo Record.

  • Ok, cool your jets. That was just a semi glib off the cuff remark, I was not trying to wind you up, and yes I will watch the video.
    I am at work in the showroom so can't at the moment. And I have never ever doubted the quality and or technology behind Grand Seiko.
    Also if you do realize that it's Omega that floats my boat right?
    I am still happy to send you the brochure about latest piece at Baselworld

  • I have the GMT ceramic, was given it 10 years ago (lucky me). Ten years later I would probably take the GS over it. It's just personal taste and circumstances right.

    In the video he covers the rise of Japanese manufacturing but doesn't mention the huge influence of post war embargoes in Japan and Germany regarding arms production, a major reason why both those nations concentrated on manufacturing consumer goods.

  • Yes, lots of watches based on these movements had big case stacks. Not really my thing tbh, though I do love the speedmaster Mk II.

    Chuck Maddox is your friend. The Sheldon Brown of watches ;) http://www.chronomaddox.com

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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