What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Those are really nice.
    Was a hodinkee on them here: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/rado-h­yperchrome-captain-cook-limited-edition-­hands-on

    Are you going for the hyperchrome? I love the dial.

  • Rah. Good work that woman.

  • I'll have to try them on first but i'd like the Hyperchrome. I can pick up a rubber strap for the beach etc so I can go swimming then i'm set.

    Fingers crossed i can find one in a shop over the weekend.

    We have a winner.

  • I didn't break it! my housemate dropped it

  • Funy you say that, a few years ago the Grand Seiko GMT was top of the list. I always thought it would be a fun alternative to the Explorer 2. But the Tuna can is awesome.

  • The problem is that the Grand Seiko looks no different from the $200 Seiko watches. And the logo is hideous.

    Agree on the logo.

    On the differences Rodabod put it perfectly:

    A lot of these watches all look the bloody same.

    I haven't seen a GS up close in the flesh, but when comparing Seiko divers, Tissot, etc. to Rolex, Omega, Breitling there isn't a great deal of difference until you start looking really closely... and even then... Decent bracelets seem to be more of a differentiator than anything else.

  • This arrived today. Well pleased.
    SKX013-mod (38mm) based on a 62mas

  • That’s really nice!

  • Thanks :-)
    Photo doesn't do it justice. Much shininess, and the 38mm x 13mm size gives it a nice stout presence.
    First automatic!

  • I've been looking at those dials for ages now.

    Was it from artificehoroworks.com by any chance? Every now and then I wonder about selling my stock one and getting one of their mods with the NE15 movement.

    Don't suppose you could post a pic of where the chapter ring used to be? Does it have a custom chapter ring, or use the inside of the case?


  • I posted this watch here a few months back, thought I’d love the 37mm 60s retro. Finally tried one on a few days ago in Gatwick North terminal, hated it. Everything is far too polished and the bezel is just weird from some angles. Disappointed.

    In other news I’m in Zurich now so trying on everything. Have had two serious pieces in mind for a while which are new but reasonably special. Gonna take my time and make sure I’m doing the right thing, if I still love them in 6 months (Its already been <one year since I was smitten) then one or the other will happen I hope.

  • I thought I might have seen it on here before.

    Shame it sounds like it might not be all that great. I'll find one to try on.

  • Have you looked at the Oris 65 range? A bit bigger than you were after, but not by much.

  • I know this is very much not on-trend, but I like Oris.

  • A bit big at 41mm but nice on a rubber strap.

  • Me too.

    Something cool about their understatedness/lack of pretensions, all while still hitting those key watch marketing points of Swiss + some history. It's also nice that they're still an indy (I think). They seem to do the basics well; auto, steel, water-proof, screw-down-crowns, not too thick, etc.

    This is does that sevs' cool way:

  • Epic, Happy Birthday!

  • Again with the immaculate taste.

  • Sooo very nearly decided on this model, the Lum in that bezel is such a nice detail in the dark.

  • That's the first B&R I like.

  • H.Moser rocking the boat again at SIHH.....

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  • Just tried searching on Aliexpress for that.

    No luck unfortunately. Don't suppose you have a link?

  • Now that's a Great Seiko. 1000mtr rating should survive a holiday swim quite sufficiently.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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