What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • Any opinion on these? Quite liking the UNO U1-D. https://www.unimaticwatches.com/

  • SXK013 just arrived.

    Will try and get a wrist shot up, but I thought I’d share my initial thoughts…

    The case is nice.

    It’s growing on me, but IMHO the dial face (same as SKX007/9) looks cheap irl. I think the polish on the bezel adds to that cheap look.

    Size wise the watch sits pretty high, so I’m not sure whether it actually wears smaller than a 007/9. I don’t think the strap helps, so a two part perlon style might pull it down visually. I’d describe it as a small face 007, rather than a small/midsize version – basically a different overall look, even though it should be the same.

    Direct comparison stats are hard to find, but I’ve posted the comparisons I’ve found.

    Overall I’m going to give it more time (badum-tish), but it’s pushed me to wanting to try on the Oris 65.

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  • Out of curiosity what movement is in them MWC's, can't find the info on their website...?

    Seiko NH35

  • i love this.

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  • Although they do all like to talk watches it invariably comes down to how much it cost and how hard it is to buy. I also saw a blinging solid gold Rolex yacht master II which actually looked quite nice in a check-me-out way.
    They've got some pretty good #csb about watches though, one guy went on the razz in Monte Carlo after a tournament and woke up without his treasured Hublot and sulked off back to Blighty. A year later he was back playing the same competition and regaled the sob story when someone suggested he go to the local popo station which he did and unbelievably it had been handed in and sat for a year. Only in Monte Carlo.
    My favourite is a guy who was skint, got staked a play a tourney, binked it for £30k and like a chump blew most on a watch (can't remember what). It soon developed a problem and had to be sent back to Switzerland from the States and at some point in this transaction it got nicked. Anyway a year later he got a call from the cops on the other side of the country "Did you report so and so watch stolen? We've recovered a Watch matching the serial numbers but its a bit different to your description..."
    The police had conviscated it from a drug dealer starting a custodial stretch and when it arrives back finds the guy had encrusted the watch with $100k of diamonds. #mustbenice

  • 100% appropriating the diamond encrusted anecdote.

    That's brilliant.

  • 100k of diamonds??

    Y THO

  • What's that in you know...real money?

  • Look nice, especially like the Due..

  • Ah cheers, that makes sense I guess... Not sure about the capacitor - it's keeping good time so far but the second hand 'ticks' two seconds, then pauses for one, the 'ticks' two again... Pressing the button on the side used to make the second hand skim round 30seconds to indicate it was fully charged - now nothing...

    Now that I've spent the day reading up on watches I'd quite like to get my hands on an SKX007... Does anyone have one in very good condition they'd like to sell?

  • The two tick means the battery is down. I'd you wear it for a day or so and it still does it, or does it after a few hours it means the capacitor is fucked. You can buy replacements for about 25£ of eBay, If you fancy doing it yourself, otherwise it's about a ton from a high street fixer.

    I have an SKX009 which is my daily wearer, well worth getting one. Easily worth whatever they cost these days

  • I've spent a long while forcibly appropriating my dad's Seiko Arctura, it will cost £12-20 for the capacitor. Gonna try sort that this week. Need to buy a new strap as I don't want to cut down the rubber to fit me on the hen's teeth original strap.

    Probably yours needs the replacement capacitor too, and a quick search says it's this one:

  • Oh by the way I think I will sell that Citizen Eagle7 automatic, the one that looks like a cigarette packet. If anyone was interested...

  • Get an SKX007 regardless. Cheap as chips and wears quite small.

  • Since señor :) see you Sunday.

  • Seriously. What is a GN?

  • Have you? Mel

  • Sorry, it's a Golden Nugget... Ye olde LFGSS currency... £500...

    Take a look and let me know if you're interested, I've got two mates coming back to London in the next couple of weeks... It's a beautiful watch, ask @rodabod... I'm GUTTED it's too small for me, I'd be wearing it right now if it was 34mm... Total sex...

  • Bro, do you even currency?

  • @pdlouche
    So I've been wearing it for a day and a bit now and the second hand now ticks each second... the charge button still only rotates 5 seconds... should this improve with use or do I need new parts?

    @Well_is_it Definitely picking one up - can I buy one over the counter in London anywhere or do I just buy from Creations?


  • found it . pm pics shortly

  • Leave it on your desk/whatever for a couple hours and see if it loses time. The bollocksed capacitors won't keep it ticking for long, so you'll soon find out.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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