What time is it? Watches and horology

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  • That's a Valjoux 7733 with a fancy dial. I'd be loath to pay more than maybe £500 for something like that. There are loads of them with dials from various brands. I have a couple of Ingersol examples which cost me about £30 each.

  • Ah Rodabod you've spoilt it for Polka Dot and the rest of us non horologists who wanted it to be a life changing find. You sure it's not a rare one off lost by the wife of the Duke of Northumberland whilst liaising energetically with the Earl of Essex in a shrubbery after a few too many meads?

  • Will someone sell me a watch for my incredible wife please? She deserves something special.

  • Still got that tiny vintage F Hinds 17 jewel

  • I'm a novice. Guide me. What is it and how much please? Ta. Mel.

  • I may have a bargain Tag Heuer Kirium that I have had a while stainless steel polished with a metallic blue dial ( but I would need to check when I get home )

  • Sounds interesting. Pm with details if this is a possibility. Thanks. Mel.

  • Clearing out some draws last week and found this - my brother bought it for my 18th birthday thirteen years ago... As he was visiting yesterday I decided to get a strap for it as I'd lost the original many years ago, probably not worn it for a decade! I know very little about the watch, if it is any good or a toy but will start googling it now... It has always confused my as to why the first 15mins of the bezel are red? I assume it has some origin in timing diving oxygen tanks - but then would it not make more sense to have the last 15mins in red as a warning?
    Any help appreciated!

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  • Bit of an impulse buy for me yesterday.

    Somebody is selling new and unworn MWC dive watches with tritium tubes for £175 on eBay.

    They were sold as seconds by MWC Australia to a military surplus shop in the UK. The watches were a custom order for the Indonesian Coast Guard and for some reason they were never delivered. The case back is engraved with the Indonesian Coast Guard name in Indonesian.


    One left if anybody is interested http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122546247299

  • Broken glass, cigarette filters, bottle caps, the tubes filters come in...I spent about four hours dethatching the neglected lawn, and that's it.

  • Broken glass, cigarette filters, bottle caps, the tubes filters come in...I spent about four hours .......

    Aha found it :-)

  • Damn. That's £175 I don't wanna spend, but I love it.

  • Buy my Tudor!! I'd give it to my gf but she'd wear it once then lose it down the back of the bed, she doesn't look after stuff...

  • Hi. Memory is twitching! Have we already had a conversation about this watch? Mel

  • Yeah, check your PMs... I brought it all the way over from Oz to sell to some guy on here who it turned out didn't know what he was buying, total tyre kicker, I was very annoyed... It's a 32mm Tudor Ranger, would look super elegant on a woman's wrist IMHO... This is the actual watch...

  • Is it new enough that the kinetic capacitor is okay? Keeping time well?

    The red/blue has to do with time at depth. 15 mins is the time at the max depth. Normally you do your deepest dive first. On mobile at the moment but there is a tradition set about this stuff on dials (same for monodirectional bezel design). Will try find the link.

  • How much are you after for that again?

  • 500GN plus insured postage, what I paid @rodabod for it...

    EDIT: @kattiep is coming over in a couple of weeks, I can always slip it in her luggage if she lets me... #notaeuph

  • will do . will look when I get home

  • Yep free for mueling whatever you've got.

  • I keep looking at all these watches, and I really like that MWC @Stonehedge

    I'm 30 next month, so I think I should celebrate not being dead yet (must avoid speaking too soon) and get something like this.

    So is there anything better than that MWC, budget wise? I don't want to spend more than £200, must be automatic, must be ridiculous divers.*

    Was thinking about some of the Citizen Pro Masters because they can be had for half that cost, but...

    *I love my quartz 300m Stendardo, and would be happy to find the titanium automatic by them, but it's all rare dead stock/used.

  • I can't think of anything else in terms of bullet proof military style diver for less than £200. Those MWC are normally £350+ anyway.

    Maybe take a look at Luminox and Traser for something a little more funky? Marathon are the dogs bollocks but you won't get one for £200.

  • Cheers, mate... Still up for beers this weekend?

  • Out of curiosity what movement is in them MWC's, can't find the info on their website...?

    I work in a Mayfair casino and the number of ridiculous man bracelets I get to see on a daily basis is twisting my noggin. Last night I dealt a high stakes poker game where the players were wearing (in order); AP, VC, AP, Rolex Hulk, Panerai, Breitling, AP, Hysek and finally a fucking Richard Mille. I was rocking my Seiko Lord Marvel 🤘

    The Vacheron was a £40k complication and the Hysek I found on Google (stock photos). I could barely tell the time on the Mille, struck me as an aesthetic mess. These people are mostly knobs btw.

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  • Thanks. Yea it's a tight budget, I don't like myself enough to pay more than that. Sent them a message about the last one in stock to see what the markings are on the back. Interested to see yours when it arrives.

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What time is it? Watches and horology

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