• **EDIT2:

    Revised details for South Beers Grand Migration, when the thirsty cyclists of LFGSS engaged in an exodus from The Trinity Arms to The Coach and Horses, that journey was only a few mins long, but to remember the occassion and our move to our spiritual home, we will be doing a ride to commemorate the event. Find details below. I will update the route if and when.
    Souths Grand Migration.

      Monday, 20th April. Meet 7pm at The Trinity Arms, Trinity Close SW9 8DR

    So we start at the
    Trinity, 45 Trinity Close SW9 8DR, down to
    The George, London Bridge SE1 1NH, then back upto
    Sun and Doves, 61 Coldharbour Lane SE5 9NS, thence onto
    Prince Regent, 69 Dulwich Road SE24 0NJ, we loop uphill to
    The Mansion, 255 Gipsy Rd, SE27 9QY, then back down to the
    Coach and Horses 173 Clapham Park Road, SW4 7EX

    The route is about 14miles, and shouldn't take longer than an hour, hour and a half.

    Link to GMap is below as hopefully is a picture of route.


    Look forward to riding with you all, then when we arrive at the Coach and Horses we will deserve the beers we will be drinking...

         Attached Thumbnails   [![](http://static.londonfgss.com/attach­ments/8412d1239620305t-picture-1.png)](h­ttp://static.londonfgss.com/attachments/­8412d1239620305-picture-1.png)    


    Here's the Deal with whats happening on Monday 30th March South Beers Anniversary...**

    Remember all are welcome, the more the merrier, and I'm hoping we even tear some of the polo boys away from the court to come out and play with us..
    6.30pm Meet Trinity Arms Brixton
    Toast the awesomeness of South Beers with sparkling wine, we can petend its champers.**
    7.00pm Head to Coach and Horses. Drink Beer, Eat Burgers, Dance to Bright Times (6 DJ's, late license, run of the bar) GET IN!**
    1.30am Stumble home, horribly drunk, but buoyed by the gorgeousness of the people at South's...

    I'm looking forward to this like you wouldn't believe people...
    See you all there.


    So good people of the South Beers.

    Its only a few short weeks until we get to South Beers 1st Anniversary.
    Has it been just a year. FUCK!. I remember rolling up late to the first South Beers down at the Trinity and being amazed by how many people who were there, and all of them laughing and joking, as if they'd known each other years, not just a couple of hours.

    Anyway in honour of this we will Celebrate our Anniversary with a swift half at The Trinity, just to show them what they could have been having for the 44 Mondays just passed. The pleasure of our delightful company and our generous custom. Then a quick roll down to the Coach and Horses.

    Who would be up for a night of dancing and general south's business? possibly putting on a Bright Times for the good people, no footie matches on that night, so the place could be ours for the night, might even ask Steve to reserve the upstairs for us. Just a thought...

    On the 20th, the anniversary of the Great Migration from the Trinity, we will ride the South Beers Pub Crawl route (though sadly without the drinking), get some miles in the legs and back to the coach for a pint or two or who knows how many to quench the thirst...

    Spokecards are required for BOTH events, so get scribbling people and post up the results here so we can vote as is forum custom...

    anyone have any other suggestions, opinions, thoughts please do post them up.

    The South Beers Anniversary and Grand Migration**™ are Trademarks™ **of South Beers and may not be used without the express permission of South Beers LFGSS...

    PS. All are welcome to celebrate the anniversary, especially those who have been to Souths, those who are considering coming to Souths, and those who used to ride through South London to get to someplace else, all will be made to feel as if they are regulars...

    That is all...

  • Ace!

  • Awesome dude!

  • Nice one Corny! :D

  • I'll see you at the C+H.
    Since I've no idea where the trinity is, but at least i'm inb london that week.

  • hehe grand migration. sounds epic as i'm sure it was. i'm in for the 30th.

  • I prefer Exodus™... ;]
    We'll also need someone to recreate M A X doing backwards circles with a pint in his hand outside The Trinity then tooling up Acre Lane with aforementioned pint still in hand when he arrived at the C&H... Truly epic... JimBilly?

  • ......WOO HOO!

  • ahem..

    See you on the ride, then the Trinity, then at the Coach and Horses!

  • I read that as Don't Unipack... Weird! ;]

  • This is going to be epic.. Can't wait!

    Reserving upstairs sounds like a great idea to me so we can get some tunes going

  • Well we can do that downstairs too, s'been done before. If its going to be a quiet night (which I think it will be - nowhere near payday and no scheduled football on), there'll just be us and last night's woman who'd spent three hours back combing her hair.

    Shall I ring Steve and book it for us?
    Do we want a late license?
    Shall I book the day after off in preparation?

    Questions Questions. Cornelius, saw your other post in the beers thread - catch up coffee?

  • South Beers 31st March 2008.

    Jonny, nodding off in shot 3.
    Images © Pistanator 2008.

  • ^^ Oi! Where am I? :S

  • MY EYES!

    (in fact, doesn't everyone look young) and Jonny's died in the last one. Gone to a better place.

  • Dale almost looks human...

  • ^^ Oi! Where am I? :S

    Avin a fag! 2008 baby.

  • Avin a fag! 2008 baby.

    I just thought of that... Always outside, innit? ;]

  • In the diary, can't wait!
    Can we re-enact Corny telling the landlord of the Trinity to go fuck himself ?

  • Fuck me, look how everyon'es changed in such a short space of time

    And Oi, James, they're my pics, I own the copyright - you should know all about that ;-)

  • RPM still looks like an axe murderer...

  • ....and Max still looks like he's doing his GCSEs!

  • ASM has no hair and had yet to corner the UK franchise market in all things Arrospok.
    Oh and PJ still existed.

  • ....and Max still looks like he's doing his GCSEs!

    Cuz he was...

  • Fuck me, look how everyon'es changed in such a short space of time

    And Oi, James, they're my pics, I own the copyright - you should know all about that ;-)

    With respect.
    Images © Pistanator 2008.

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South Beers Buon Compleanno Mon 30th March. Plus Grand Migration Mon 20th April

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