Campag pista vintage crank

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  • wonder if peeps can advise me as to why my crank doesnt fit all the way onto my bottom bracket, there is about 13 to 14mm space where the crank doesnt go all the way

    nos campag fluted pista cranks 165mm then next to it its a number 1 with a circle round it
    royce bottom bracket

    on sheldon brown it says if the cranks are jis and the bottom bracket is iso taper there would only be a possible 4mm to 5mm gap but this is unusually a large gap,

    can anybody point me to a site or post on here if any other occurances like this have happened, i'm finding it a struggle to find the specs on my crank set as there wasnt a box with them

    thanks for any help i may recieve

  • I think the best thing to do is find a campag BB to go with it, however hard it may be.

    Don't whatever you do try and fit the crankset onto this BB, you will ruin one or both.

    Campag Pista had a very short BB length, even the road campag was far too long and gave a very poor chain line.

  • it is a 109mm bottom bracket, i'm thinking of exchanging it for a shorter one, cliff at royce can make them however and says that hes made them before and used pista cranks but wasnt sure, if i measure how deep the inside of the crank, will that be any good to find the bb length i need?

  • Yes, it probably would - so long as he makes the taper on the BB axle fit campag - result!

  • well the bb axle does fit perfectly but only goes so far up which makes me think at the mo that it is too long, i possibly think i need a 103mm BB which would eradicate 6mm, or even a 101mm? maybe

  • Campag do a 102 Chorus/Record BB. Pricey.

  • well my royce one is 120 pounds, how much is the campag one?

  • £15-20 Used / £50 New for Chorus
    £25-40 Used / £80 New for Record, give or take

  • £15-20 Used / £50 New for Chorus
    £25-40 Used / £80 New for Record, give or take

    hmmmm sounds interesting......think i will go down the royce avenue though

  • Is your bottom bracket shell English or Italian threaded? If the latter, I can lend you a 102 mm Chorus bb so you can see if it's the right length. PM me if you're interested.

  • Last time I was at Condor they had Chorus in the sale.

  • Just measured my old style (not modern cartridge) campa pista bottom bracket spindle (stamped 68-P-120). It is exactly 109,4mm overall length and symetrical. Any ISO bottom bracket at around 109mm should fit like hand in glove.

  • You're sure you have an ISO tapered BB right?

    JIS BB and ISO tapered cranks are sort of interchangable in that they can appear to fit when cross matched but lead to ruined cranks eventually.

    You should sheldon brown the fuck up.

  • ISO/J.I.S. Interchangeability
    [INDENT] If you install an ISO crank on a J.I.S. spindle, **it will sit about 4.5 mm farther out than it would on an ISO spindle ***of the same length.* Confersely, if you install a J.I.S. crank on an ISO spindle, it will wind up about 4.5 mm farther in than it would on a J.I.S spindle of the same length.
    Theoretically, ISO cranks should only be used on ISO spindles, and J.I.S. cranks only on J.I.S. spindles.

    Sheldon has your back. You've gt the wrong taper on your BB spindle.

  • You could also swap for sugino 75's!

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Campag pista vintage crank

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