Annoying bike issue!

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  • Right for a start i am not very technical with bikes i can do standard things and there is a lot that i guess i am still to learn, but basically i have an issue with my bike and it is scary. For a start at current im not running any brakes mainly because i wanted to give it a go so i don't want any hate from some of yall but secondly because i got a new front wheel and as my old wheels were 27" my brake wouldn't fit my 700!

    So anyway i recently got a new rear wheel build as my other was a piece of shit thanks to my ebay skills, anyway the wheel is a velocity rim on a halo hub it was put together at bristol bike workshop and im running a 16t durace cog that adotk sold me on top of this i have a new chain! Anyway im not sure if its because its a brand new lockring or what but when i skid stop the cranks slip through which literally makes my heart stop going down a hill and it even slips when i give it a good crank. Is this because it isn't tight enough? I wasn't sure so i have replaced the chain ring and bottom bracket as the old ones looked pretty rinsed anyway.

    I've deceided to put a front brake on again anyway, but i am still slightly worried as to what the problem is, i've spent a fair amount now and i have all new parts on my drive system im at a loss to what it might be. Should i go out and conquer some bristol hills or what? Any advice? And sorry this is a tech question but id rather post in the bristol social group forum as i at least know a few of you (in a way) and won't get shot down for being a little runt for this. cheers

  • It sounds like your cog and lock ring aren't tight enough on the hub. I'm guessing you haven't got a lock ring tool, so just pop back into the bike workshop and they'll tighten them up for you - stress to them that you need them really frickin' tight! They're good guys in there, they won't mind doing it for you.

    Theoretically, as the threads for the cog and lock ring go in opposite directions, they should tighten each other up rather than come loose. In practice this only works if they're good and tight to start with.

  • Ok yer i will, it's just annoying because i've been in there so much recently it really is a pain there faces literally drop when i walk in the door no joke!

  • shit man, is it still not sorted! What lockring do you have? I cannot reccomend a decent dura-ace lockring enough - I had one of the formula ones that came with my hub, the metal is soft as butter.

  • to be honest i've waited untill my front wheel came before i started on it but yer its annoying i will prevail though ive put too much time into it now! cheers for your help though alex

  • Last time I went in they didn't have a lock ring tool that would fit, although they branded three of various sizes. Bizarre. I have one that you can use. I'm out of action and off of bikes completely for a month, so...I can't really do any running around but I start work again tomorrow [american apparel.] if you want to pop in. Let me know in advance and I'll make sure I pop it in my pocket.

  • just popped into strada in bedminster and got a DA lockring (+ fitting) for a tenner.

    Was chatting to the one of the guys there who rides fixed and mentioned the thursday rides - so he may pop along (rides a Pug with H+son rims apparently)

  • +1 for them being a good bike shop, and nice people.

    It may be worth asking them to check that it's a track lockring they've fitted. If they need to buy one in, then buy dura-ace. Most likely though, they just need to tighten it.

    Personally I always re-tighten after 1st ride on a new fixed wheel, and as said above... tighten the cog really hard, using a threadlock product helps too. The lockring needs to be super tight too, but it wont hold the cog on if the cog is loose though.

    Also... and this may be why the staff in the shop think your a dick... you need to be riding with a brake from day 1 buddy. If your bike falls apart (quite possible by the sounds of it) and your brakeless - your fucked.

  • (rides a Pug with H+son rims apparently)



  • for a start i have always rode with a front brake 'from the beginning'. I have only briefly attempted a couple days of no brake riding and i had to do this as i said above my brake wasn't the right size for my smaller wheel so yer i didn't really dig the way that came across

    but still i will take your advice and pop in during the week thanks for the help

  • ..just get hold of a lock ring tool and possibly a chain whip, as I said you're welcome to use mine if bikeworkshop haven't sourced a new tool. Tighten up real tight and off you go...hopefully in confidence. Unless you have managed to do damage to the hub, which I doubt.

  • you dont need a chain whip. google search rotafix and tighten the cog up that way. then just do up the lockring with the tool you borrow or buy or whatever and you're away.

  • Yeah, to be completely honest with you, I have had a chain whip for a long time and I've never even used it. That technique has just became reflex now. It is champion.

  • tighten the cog really hard, using a threadlock

    and pretty much rule out being able to remove it again.

  • I use locktite. £3 from Halfords.

    Never had a problem. Neither did Sheldon.

  • and pretty much rule out being able to remove it again.

    nope, just un rotofix it. do the above link but reverse it no probs.

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Annoying bike issue!

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