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  • I checked, and there isn't a place where forumengers are grouped together in one place, offering their specific, marketable expertise.
    I think it could be useful, if we could call each other for services, instead of having to head to the Yellow Pages.

    Bike related
    Skully - leather worker (saddles especially)
    Scott not Scot - expert bag maker
    chickin - cycling instructor; teaches national standards cyclist training levels 1, 2 and 3
    ShannonBall - cycling instructor; teaches national standards cyclist training levels 1, 2 and 3 (London)
    RPM - cycling coach (athlete training), also wheelbuilding, bike repairs, etc
    36x18 - Wheel-builder
    varno - track wheel sales
    j.m.f - cycle sport coaching/ cycle training
    Clockwise - cycling instructor; national standards levels 1, 2 and 3. Can do 1-2-1 2hr sessions (funded by work for people who live/work in Brent, Croydon or Haringey)

    photoben - Press, PR and Event photography
    Guerilla Photo - Brighton based, project based and studio
    Edscoble - Social photography (some studio work, also DIY)
    fred - studio and project photography
    CrazyJames - various applications
    LaLiLuLeLo - Events, Studio & Creative Photographer
    Selimski - Social and Environmental photographer
    EEI - Photography assistance for photoshoots. Natural light portraits.
    Chema Mora - Studio, comercial, arquitectural and interiors photography and retouching services
    chris_tim - Cycling/race reportage, commercial and Factory/industrial environments

    DFP - gardener, stage rigging, bike assembly, product design
    Stix - horticulturist/gardener
    i am russel - lawn mower repair
    edmundro - tree surgeon
    cernan - (Leeds) plastering
    STE5 - Construction/Building Surveyor
    musikism - plasterer
    JamesSW - kitchen and catering labour
    crimsonape - Decorating/refurbs (no load-bearing walls), minor plumbing - bathrooms/kitchens
    J4ck1987 - Roofing, building, painting, tiling, and ManWithAVan,
    Rustychops - Roofing, building, painting, tiling
    CharlieFuckingA - Courier and also building labourer
    LunarKing - Courier, with own large capacity cargo bike. Also does visual rope installations (artistic)

    Science based (including math)
    Tommy(The Brick) - mathematician
    damo - molecular biologist
    eyebrows - bio-chemist
    cernan - molecular biologist/virologist
    Nahguavkire - Thermographer (Infrared Imaging) and Renewable Energies (Geothermal/ Solar/ Wind/ HRV)

    ehren fried chicken - computer programmer (various languages)
    Velocio - web design and admin
    Smithchild - electrician (telephone advice)
    Dammit - telecoms and telephony
    willski - enterprise-wide solution architecture
    steff - Syadmin/IT - Linux/BSD, a little Solaris, Macs, and Windows if required
    diable - IT analyst; formerly an electrician
    woffle - web design and development / plsql development and oracle, mysql etc database admin
    Clockwork_killa - (Adobe) Flash / general interactive design and development
    wintermute - programming (language and web)
    shoarthing - MAC hardware, OSX, networking issues
    Sharkstar - Lighting Control Software
    rogan - web development, E-commerce (Magneto), Wordpress
    Butters - web development, Magneto, Wordpress
    3stripe - graphic designer, Wordpress

    Other - specialised
    31t®um - leather goods maker, pouches for mobiles/tablets, etc [top notch stuff]
    DFP - strength conditioning coach
    Broker - financial management/investment
    overdrive - courier
    gogosama - trainers shop manager (check for manager's discounts)
    pistaboy - sports injury therapist/strength & conditioning coach
    stringerman - dental technician (mouthguards, veneers, crowns and bridges)
    Elguapo - deep tissue massage
    bogey - building surveyor (will take all sizes of jobs)
    Jacqui - events organiser
    ladystardust - spoken Japanese (fluent), film researcher
    Xam69 - tatoo artist
    jaw - linguist/translator [Dutch/Spanish/German/Afrikaans], business analyst, event planner
    KingofMing - criminal lawyer [available 24hrs]
    marcomarcos - Commercial insurance broker
    Broux - French<->English translations (via email or PM)
    talboy - any and all accountancy work, for small or large clients
    serk - civil engineer
    mutts - gamekeeper (former)
    dracula - travel consultant (STA Travel)
    Vikeonabike - police related matters and advice
    roryeaglestone - dispensing optician (Manchester)
    downlo - qualified electrician
    GA2G - security (design and application)
    CHUG IT - physical conditioning coach
    antlers - Transcribing and proofreading
    punkture - Valuation Surveyor
    Husy - fluent in different middle eastern languages
    IndraRipper - T-shirt printing
    Shoosh - Qualified Career Guidance, CVs, covering letters, plus more
    Sweaty - Logistics transportation; several vans available.
    ObiWomKenobi - London Fire Brigade Advice

    Art & Technical Art
    matt (baddesigner) - artist, designer
    Superprecise - draughtsperson/draftsperson [blueprints and plans]
    PinkGottiMobbs - architect
    Tomasito - literary agent
    robin - screen printing, illustration, p.a hire (sound system), sound technician
    spagettihoops - architectural model maker
    jodie harsh - Typographic Graphic Designer, Creative/Brand consultation
    asm - art gallery technician, lighting assistant
    Todd - graphics and fashion design
    Donut! - cameraman, editor, illustrator
    joshscott187 - architect, furniture design, digital fabrications (CNC milling, rapid prototyping, lazercutting)
    VanUden -writer (advertising, editorial, content); brand consultant
    Stein - stenciling
    ShannonBall - Sub-editor and production editor, actor, voice-over artist
    magpie00 - Gemmologist (gemstone, diamonds and fine jewellery)
    otto - picture framing
    torches - typography, graphic design, and ....guitar
    tcman - graphic design
    woffle - gallery commissioned art
    Mini..Cooper - Handmade exclusive jewellry
    Mongrel (his missus actually) - professional editorial design
    LaLiLuLeLo - CG (3D) Artist / Animator & Web Design & Developer
    HANSON - Motion Designer (After Effects/Cinema 4D/Photoshop/Illustrator/Mind/Eyes/Penci­ls/Hands/*Heart)
    ade - 3D designer [events, exhibitions, furniture, interiors]
    !Nhattattack! - Trained art tutor (based in America)
    CheBeef - architecture student, draft, design, planning applications, 3D modelling architectural services. Specialist fabric formwork concrete construction. Garden design.
    yourebarred - AV technician (sound, stage, lighting, cameraman)
    blackspring - Film/video editor (Premiere/Final Cut). Chinese/English translation & subtitling.
    brokebroadbeat - proofreader (London zone 1, 2, 3 picj and drop)
    On1 - (residential) architect

    Bad Matt - drummer
    asm - composer, sound technician
    BlueQuinn - musician, composer
    oliver55000 - jazz flute player
    ShannonBall - Harmonica player and instructor
    torches - guitar
    tcman - piano lessons
    Stinging Broom - rapper / entertainer
    red-biff - drummer
    marcomarcos - salsa DJ
    nenugnewa - Mixing engineer / Producer
    gios78 - Ableton Live music tutor / Mix / Produce / Master (in Berlin)

    So, who's a plumber, electrician, psychoanalyst, gardener/horticulturist, etc..?

    If I haven't added you, its because I'm not sure about what you wrote. Just PM me, to clarify, or I'll normally add you directly from this thread.

    Yes Greasy_Slag, this is a sort of Fixed Gear Yellow Pages; where we can hit up each other for services that would normally take our cash elsewhere.

  • Midget polishing
    Beer drinking

  • Can I be a rent boy at 34?

  • No.

  • Can I be a rent boy at 34?

    Hippy knows that you'll be ripe at 35.

  • So... belgian beer drinking hungover fister?

  • i can do bike design

  • I will be general dogsbody/grafter in exchange for shelter & good times in london town or cold hard cash - either is good.

    Im alright at putting bikes together (inc wheelbuilding) + Gardening (lots of organic kitchen garden knowledge ingrained in my brain) + rigging stuff for music/stage/film production. And my erm 'real skill' of product design & consulting which im guessing no one will need!

  • GA2G you forgot to add list making to your skills ;)

  • Althought still in university I do studio photography as well, I'm handy at DIY as well.

    CrazyJames also a photographer too.

  • if this includes all media types, this will be a long list

  • Guerilla Photo photographer in based in Brighton.

  • if anyone needs any molecular biology, i'm your man.

  • Can you splice genes? I'd fucking love a set of gills.

  • I'm pretty ok at cancer research or creation of pharmaceuticals.
    hit me up for EPO!

  • I'm a Computer Science student and can program for money: JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS. My spoke length calculator.

  • i've made many mutant animals. genetic engineering, peace of piss.

  • What about p3n1s enlargement? Can you do that?

  • kneecappings and lead shoe excursions in the river Thames area.

  • Fluffer. Hit me up.

  • I am an electrician, although my geographic location means that i'm only really good for telephone conversations where someone's taken a light fitting down and there are more wires than expected.

  • If any one needs a strategy for their enterprise-wide solution architecture, just PM me.

  • Coulibiac aux girolles, sauce hollandaise is my thing.

    P.s. didn't Roxy do a jobs thread before?

  • general drinking buddy

  • I can deliver your package.
    crawls back under rock

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Services offered by forumengers

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