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  • that would be savage indeed! it was great racing with you on paddy's weekend!

  • Stephen you the out of towner that won?
    I was chatting to you if it was, guy with the Fuji track and green grips and the mohawk...
    As for the Belfast racing im up for it if I can afford it, getting the bike up would be the problem, one of the couriers has a van... Maybe he would be up for driving up.
    We would be heading up that day and staying the night right? Staying is a problem if I have to...

  • It was a guy that I know called Joe who won the out-of-towner race, I didn't have the cash to go down for the weekend. A Canadian guy called Sam who owns a bike shop in Belfast was down with him.

    I'm sure we'd be able to put a few people up for the night, and train tickets are only £10 if you book online in advance. (There's also an airport bus that's ridiculously cheap an doesn't have a luggage limit)

  • Yeah I think the aircoach is about 20 quid return I think...

  • sorry- i got you mixed up with joe. sounds very tempting i have to say!

  • Same, with a bit of notice I can make it.

  • how many people would realistically be interested?

  • In Belfast there are only about 20 people who ride fixed, but everybody knows everybody else... I'm thinking a Friday late in April or early in May?

  • sounds cool- i'd like to be a part of it!

  • alleycat on friday. details on
    who's in?

  • Bit late but im in, whats the details, dublin messengers is blocked in school.:(

  • ECMC Berlin Dublin Qualifier is ready to go. First race, this Friday (3rd) April, 7pm at Portobello. Five alleycats over the month with the final on May 1st. Winner gets flights with his/her bike and registration for ECMC Berlin over our June bank holiday weekend, 28th May-1st June 2009.

    There are five races with points awarded for placing as well as participation:

    1st: 10 points, maximum
    2nd: 7 points, maximum
    3rd: 5 points, maximum
    Participation: 2 points

    Races are on the Friday of every week except Friday 10th, Good Friday, with the race on the day before, Thursday 9th. Qualifier final on May 1st with afterparty. €5 per race, craic to follow, always. Keep your eyes on for race results, points table and upcoming race details.

    Friday at Portobello, we see you there.

    There ya go

  • I kinda wondered if this might be for messengers only - the prize at the end gets the winner to the ECMC...

  • Nope, dont think so, a non messenger can go too, just cant compete in the main race(in Germany), if I won I would just give the prize to the next down.

  • Cool so, not that I imagine that really being a concern for me! ...especially as I may be on Fixed if I do show which case finishing without incident would make me very very happy!

  • If anybody is interested in an alleycat in Belfast sometime in the next month or 2, give me a shout at twocrazymonkies AT hotmail DOT com.

    There have been a few guys from Belfast who have been down to Dublin for the Paddy's Day one, so it'd be awesome to return the favour.

    Sounds like fun! End of April is international grass polo tourney Dublin in Phoenix Pk so good not to arrange for then ;)

  • Ok tomorrow I am actually racing, who's coming?

  • I should be going, don't know if I'll be racing yet, not to confident running brakeless yet.

  • So don't ride breakless.

  • Well he is, but choosing not to race brakeless seems a better idea.

  • Choosing to ride breakless is retarded, choosing not to race breakless is just straight up obvious.

  • I am one of the very few people that race with a front brake, none of them CANT put on a brake, they all retarded?

  • Yes.

  • Great race yesterday second last, but that's not bad considering I lost my manifest at the first checkpoint :D

  • Im terrible with remembering things, alleycat tomorrow in the Phoenix park, 3oc meet at the magazine fort.
    Very very little traffic encountered so its much safer, come along.

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