Dented rims

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  • Could I get some advice on fixing/replacing my rims.

    Open pro's onto formula hubs. Went straight into a curb at night, stayed on but put a small dent in both wheels. Pretty pissed off!

    Not an issue on rear as the wheel is still straight, but on the front I use a brake and it bumps every time it hits the lump on the rim.

    Is there any chance I could fix it or would people recommend a new wheel (A new rim/build will cost me more than a second hand wheel i think).

    I'm either looking for people to knowingly tell me the rim is fucked, or that I can simply fix the rim, or that they have a cheap front wheel (black open pro) that they'd like to sell me.


  • unless someone can hammer it out for you without any cracks appearing,
    it's new rim time !

  • I just filed my rim down (haw haw) and watched it to make sure it didn't explode.

    This is before.

  • That looks worse than mine by some stretch. I've just been organsing with Addie to get this for £45­ml

    Should I try a hammer first?

  • YES!
    i have a dent on my rear which blows that one outtathewater,
    I eventually took everything off then whacked it back,
    its pretty ugly but im not worried about it

  • use an adjustable wrench, tighten it on the bump and lever carefully back into line.
    would leave hammering to last resort

  • I just filed my rim down (haw haw) and watched it to make sure it didn't explode.

    This is before.

    run tubs, tubby!

  • Tubs are for losers and pro teams. Anyway it's polybikeuser's problem now* :)

    *I did make it clear to him that the rim was fuxxored.

  • Have a small dent on a Campag Zonda rim. Can only feel it only very faintly under braking. Leave alone, bend the dent back with a wrench or bin the wheel ?

    Rides fine (apart from the very slight pulse under breaking), but worried about rim failure

  • Bin it, then let me know the location of the bin its in

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Dented rims

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