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  • So as my love of meat wains, i am sometimes at a loss for good do any of the vegetarians/vegans on the forum know of any really good websites that can help me out??

    Ta muchly

  • try this its one of my own recipies but tastes amazing

    Chocolate Chili Bean Enchiladas

    serves 2 -3

    what you will need:

    quorn mince
    red kidney beans
    ground cumin
    chilli powder
    fresh chillies
    tin of chopped tomatoes
    chopped fresh peppers
    some chocolate powder (hot chocolate works)
    tortilla wraps
    cheese of your choice
    half a lemon
    sour cream
    some salad


    start heating the oven to 200

    • dice the onion and 3 garlic cloves
    • get a large pan put some oil in the bottom and heat up, then fry the onion and garlic for a minute
    • chop up peppers and chillies
    • add the mince if frozen break it up
    • add chopped up peppers and chopped up chillies
    • add kidney beans and chopped tomatoes and stir through
    • add half a cup of boiling water
    • place a healthy dose of cumin and chillie powder into the mix (be generous)
    • stir everything together
    • add chocolate power (roughly three tea spoons worth)
    • squeeze the lemon into the mix but not all of it

    leave this to cook on the hob for about 15 mins

    meanwhile cook some rice

    • once the rice and the mince is done the oven should be fully heated up, get yourself a baking tray (glass ones are best) with high sides.

    • Spoon some rice into a tortilla wrap and then ontop of the rice add some of the mince mix,

    • roll up the wrap and place it on baking tray.

    • repeat until you have run out of mince

    • push all the rolled up wraps together in a row on the baking tray

    • cover with a thin layer of cheese and place some fresh chillies ontop, you can also add olives if you wish.

    • squeeze the remaining bit of lemon over the top

    place in oven for 5 mins or until cheese starts to go brown.

    • remove from oven and serve immediately by cutting out the rolls(enchiladas) and serving seperatly

    serve with sour cream and salad

    Enjoy, is a fun thing to experiment with and usually costs around a tenner


  • There's some nice recipes in this thread if you ignore the meat based ones...­l

  • Was having a serious jones for some Pho this weekend and made something based on this...­E1%BB%9F-chay-vegetarian-ph%E1%BB%9F/

    Most tasty

  • veganomicon from the postpunk kitchen.


  • Substitute the meat in meat dishes for a meat substitute - voila! All the taste of a tasty meat dish but with none of the taste of meat......or taste....

  • <-- i'm not even a vegetarian and i cook stuff off of this site all the time.. it is great! <--- also great, good ideas for seasonal produce.

  • There are millions of vegan recipes on-line now and the difficulty is just finding the good ones. I still cook from paper cookbooks and can recommend the first two books by Das Sreedharan of RASA restaurants. Annoyingly, the first one wastes space with meat recipes, but it is still brilliant. I think South Indian and especially Keralan cooking is the best cooking in the world and perfect for vegetarians. The recipes in these books are somewhat adapted to Western tastes but authentic enough:

    (1) Fresh flavours of India, Conran Octopus 1999
    (2) The New Tastes of India, Headline 2001

  • try - lots of awesome veggie recipes on there.

    oh and, has a recipe section which is pretty good if you know what you're looking for, or if you're prepared to wade through all the crap recipes to find the good ones.

  • oh and

  • fancy a rice pudding?

    this is a favorite,very delicious

    Coconut Rice Pudding

    ● 1/4 cup Arborio rice
    ● 2 cups water
    ● 2 1/4 cups unsweetened coconut milk ( or plain rice milk if you don't like coconut milk)
    ● 1 cup whole milk ( or rice milk/evaporated milk if preferred)
    ● 1/4 cup sugar
    ● 1 tbsp vanilla extract
    ● 3 ounces raisins (or your choice of dried fruit. Apricots or cranberries would be really good here.)
    Put the rice and water in a heavy-bottomed saucepan and bring to a boil. Lower the temperature and cook the rice, uncovered, for 10 minutes. Drain the rice in a strainer and rinse it; set aside.
    Rinse out the saucepan, then pour in the whole milk and coconut milk, stir in the sugar, and set the pan over medium heat. When the milk mixture boils, stir in the parboiled rice and raisins. Reduce the heat to low and let the mixture bubble away gently, stirring occasionally, for about 30 minutes. As the pudding gets close to done, the rice kernels will be visible in the boiling milk- you’ll see them floating under the top layer of milk. The pudding won’t be thick- that’s okay (it will thicken in the refrigerator)- but the rice will be soft and it will have absorbed 80 to 90 percent of the milk.
    Remove the pan from the heat and decide what flavor you’d like the pudding to be- add either the vanilla or chocolate and stir gently until it is fully blended in to the pudding.
    Pour the pudding into a serving bowl or into individual cups or bowls. Press plastic wrap against the surface of the pudding to prevent it from forming a skin, and refrigerate for at least 6 hours, until thoroughly cold.

  • ^ Can you bring a few with you up to Norths? I love rice pudding.

  • hmm that could be a bit tricky on the bike

  • mmmmmmmmm Indian food, I love indian food, vegetable meat whatever, love it!

  • i forgot to mention - there's some gems on there

  •­m has some good ones.

    theres quite a few good veggie food blogs out there, if you have a search on google, one of them should take your fancy.

    for indian food youtube vah reh vah- indian chef with loads of tasty recipes.

    not recipes related but compassionate cooks has some really good veggie podcasts (nutrition, lifestyle, etc) which are pretty damn interesting and useful:­oodForThought

  • My favourite vegan blog is Quite a few recipes and wonderful food photography. LA-based.

  • sorry, but in IMO photography is poor, in lighting, composition & focus.
    Dunno about recepies

  • Vegetarian Nut & Vegetable Abattoir.

    Kill ten nuts. (Choose those nuts who have show the least readiness to conform to accepted morality).

    Crush these nuts.

    Pick out their descendants and parade them around in front of the other legumes, while all the time pointing out that descent will not be tolerated in the kitchen.

    Single out 5 vegetables from the same race.

    Torture and kill one of them by lowering into boiling water.

    When this first vegetable is dead, undress the rest and similarly kill them with hot water.

    Bury everything in a mixed and shallow grave and set fire to the whole mess.

    Using tools, hurry the smouldering carnage into the opening at the front of your head.


  • sorry, but in IMO photography is poor, in lighting, composition & focus.
    Dunno about recepies

    I judge it entirely by how hungry it makes me, and I like it. :)

    BTW, I generally find professional food photography extremely boring. I don't know why.

    Edit: Actually I've just remembered that I think there are two people taking pictures. I like the pictures by one of them, but not the other.

  • Not adding a recipe right now, but heres some reasons not to eat so much Soya which might be relevant here.­25/food.foodanddrink

  • oh man tynan.... i am "lol-ing" <--- i hate this term

  • Not adding a recipe right now, but heres some reasons not to eat so much Soya which might be relevant here.­25/food.foodanddrink

    the good news is that although some vegetarians seem to live off soya, it's pretty easy to avoid, if you're not the type to eat shitloads of crap bread, fake 'meat' and tofu.

    funny thing is, most meat eaters probably ate more soya than i did when i was vegan. and their meat probably ate a lot of soya, when it was alive.

  • One of my fave websites, updated daily, look for the veggie ones -

  • gives a list of restaurants, hotels and such around the world as well as recipes.

    la dolce vegan
    how it all vegan
    vegan rustic cooking

    all three are good vegan recipe books that can be found super cheap online and i believe in some libraries even? if you dont want to be vegan and dig your egg and dairy in your meals just switch out their dairy/egg alts for something non-vegan­achlasagna.htm­andspinachrice.htm­/12/vegetable-red-curry.html­asp

    some faves and good links

    Lentil soup is amazing. make it in bulk. freeze what you dont eat. take left overs to work and what not and it is super cheap. curries are in the same economical boat.

    also if you feel youre lacking in anything invest two quid in nutritional yeast. carried at any health store, helps thicken up sauces soups etc and is chocablock with awesome vitamins and what not.


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Recipes, Vegetarian...

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