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  • Anyone have any veggie friendly suggestions for West Hampstead?


    (luigi, the Italian that was suggested a while back is now closed)

  • something chinese / asiany out west, towards kingston / twickenham way?

  • New Malden close enough? Big Korean community, quite a few restaurants

  • Yeah I've heard there's a banger of a Korean place in New Malden, will check with some friends who live out that way.

  • yeah... sounds on the money

  • cheers, looks ace- bit worried about traffic heading out west of a friday evening tho. some logistics may be required.

  • Cheers, but a bit too far. I'm after something a bit closer to the station.

    There's a Lebanese(?) place I know, but other than that

  • Anyone have any decent curry options around Westferry area?

  • Just go along the road to Aldgate East area and go to Lahore Kebab House. Swerve Tayyab's, they've had their day.

  • Needoo also good if you're heading that way.

  • Agree with that on Tayyabs but where has the crown nowadays? Needoos has always had, ee, bad effects on me - Lahore is still an option but never loved it as much.

    I worry a successor is not out there

  • Tayabs arguably never regained top spot after it started to expand into its neighbouring units in the late 90s.

  • Thanks all! went Franco Manca in the end as it was close and cheap. Lahore Kebab House is happening next week though!

  • Depends on what you want I guess.

    Lahore has the best seekh kebabs and their nihari is off the chain. Their staff are less knowledgeable but they're also more friendly and keen.

    Also big boss man there is still a "ledge" so that's a bonus.

  • I'd argue that actually when they first expanded and renovated is when they were at their peak. It wasn't crowded, the staff weren't overworked, and it wasn't all about G Wagens and Range Rovers parked on double yellows.

  • Back then Lahore Kebab House actually felt like a poorly decorated restaurant in Pakistan, complete with heinous bathrooms, Shalimar wasn't much different, Tayyab's appealed to people who didn't want to feel like they were going to a squat to have "authentic" dinner, but they also didn't want overpriced, over-hyped, try hard food in a restaurant with delusions of grandeur.

  • I think it was still good (just) in mid 2000s but then I never went during the 90s so don't know what I was missing!

    Ah balls, wrong reply

  • Actually, you're pretty much spot on in those two assessments. Heady days.

    That was round about the time that Hot Stuff in Vauxhall was at its peak also.

  • Ah Hot Stuff, what a place. I loved how you had to have a separate table for your naan, and they used a giant calculator on the wall to work out the price, which in no way was related to anything you ordered or prices on the menu.

  • I'm not really a curry fan, been to Tayyab's way back and enjoyed it. But Hot Stuff is my local indian, and the food is good (not great) but I so enjoy the interaction with the staff, and how they give advice, recommendations, and support in whatever you're ordering.
    Once waited half an hour for a takeaway order and then almost left without paying. Woman behind the counter was super confused, when I grabbed the order and lifted the brompton out the door, without leaving any cash..

  • I may have to go to Hot Stuff, if only to have a table sized naan .

  • Is this restaurant reviews and suggestions or a trip down memory lane?

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Restaurant Reviews & Suggestions - Where to eat?

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