Restaurant Reviews & Suggestions - Where to eat?

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  • Not in Falmouth itself, but Pandora Inn is as dreamy a setting as you can imagine, you should hire a boat from Falmouth and cruise up there, and the food is surprisingly good!­e

  • @TTM Those are all New Town - Cafe St Honore or P'tit Folie are probably the closest to a bit special without being too starched.

    Wedgwood on the Canongate is worth a look as well - not eaten there but they did a really good delivery service during lockdown last summer.

    Maybe also Timberyard - bit further out (Lady Lawson St), and a bit of a barn (in a good way) but probably hits the 'memorable' button.

  • Great stuff. Thanks so much for the suggestions

  • Timberyard
    6 by Nico
    The Kitchin
    Gardeners cottage

  • Been Timberyard 3 times. Always enjoyed it. Lovely wine selection

  • Lovely. Thanks

  • Yep, the All-in is my usual choice too

  • For those SE, Sushi Hand Friends is newly opened and well worth a visit.

    Picked up a couple of poke bowls from this place for dinner tonight, genuinely the best I've had in London and by a fair margin, great recommendation!

  • No for Japanese; Takahashi at South Wimbledon

  • Tonight was Wolseley night. Pretty much faultless.

    Lots of food, lots of drink, great service, great venue, big bill but delivered on all fronts so I'm happy.

  • I ate at Anglo last night as recommended upthread. Had a great time. Worth a visit.

  • Any recommendations for Crystal Palace?

  • Forgot to report back, but we ended up eating at The Gardener’s Cottage and it was lovely. Very relaxed and intimate, great service and a table next to their kitchen meant we could chat a bit with the chefs. The food was wonderful. Fresh, seasonal and unfussy, but with some nice surprises thrown in. Only weakness was dessert. Would definitely recommend, so thanks for the tip.

  • Had a quick pre-train lunch at Dim Sum & Duck today. Believe the hype. The classics, but done really well and clearly made with care and attention. Whole king prawns in the har gaw, best char siu bao I’ve had in ages. Shame the xiaolongbao were too big to eat in one go!

    Weirdly the menu is in Chinese characters and English but not the names of things like the stuff above. “Pork buns etc”. There’s only about ten dumplings though so easy enough to work it out.

  • We took my parents there a couple of years ago - 👌🏻

  • I had a week down in Cornwall with my 8-year old a couple of weeks back. We kayaked over to the Pandora from Ley (leh? Lei?) beach for lunch. He spent a couple of hours catching crabs off the jetty with a couple of local kids - sisters that were really nice kids, and we paddled back.

    Really nice day

  • Came here to recommend in soho.

    Really top food, super nice guy and a story to match

  • Ah glad you got there - we are going to try tomorrow (although I’m certain it will be long queues and that I’d sooner go royal China!)

  • The eldest of the Janglettes has recently been working at an Argentinian restaurant called Sucre on Great Marlborough Street.

    We went en famille on Sunday. It's excellent. Spenny but excellent. Worth going for a 'special ocaision'.

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Restaurant Reviews & Suggestions - Where to eat?

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