Restaurant Reviews & Suggestions - Where to eat?

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  • Walkin app and din tai fung

  • That looks great, as does A Wong (thanks @andyfallsoff)

    Turns out that her heart's desire is to go to Chez Bruce, which we have been meaning to do for the last 20 years.

    I think I will also add a visit to one of the above, just for good measure.

  • An Wong?

  • Any suggestions for somewhere North/Central for lunch on a Sunday (not necessarily Sunday lunch) with the parents?

    Something along the lines of Great Queen Street or the Anchor and Hope (but not them).

  • Are there any recommendations for vegetarian near Victoria?

  • Gopals corner?

  • Tough ask/brief...

    • veggie friendly with a good non-dairy and non-soya range (doesn't have to be meat free)
    • Not Indian
    • Nice enough for a birthday (doesn't have to be super smart, but not wagamama-like)
    • Not South (ideally north or east)

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated, as it is a pretty restrictive set of criteria.

  • RASA N16. I know I recommend it all the time, but there are reasons.

    Er oops. Only just read 'not Indian' not as 'Indian'. :)

  • The Gate in Islington?­/

    Think it meets those requirements. Not super posh, but quite nice (if a bit loud).

  • Good shout. Forgot about the Gate. Guessing if it's in-between the theater showing times it shouldn't be too bad.

    @Oliver Schick - Indian is always the default, so trying to find something different. I wonder if there are any veggie lead Turkish places ... but then I want something that isn't just going to be falafel.

  • Mestizo near Warren Street/Camden. Has vegan and dairy free sections in the menu

  • Scully st James’s?

  • Any suggestions for fancy Italian food in central/north London for a 40th birthday?

    Something similar to Trullo, Bancone etc

  • Second Luca

  • Mildred's? Not really smart but I'd say nicer than wagamama.

    Morito has good veg options. Not sure about non-dairy options but I think there's a few.

  • Plough Way Cafe, in Surrey Docks is a nice Italian place. Pizza and pasta both great, prices in line with similar operations, decent deals during the day (50%off pizza and a special of the day pasta at £6). The three wait staff I encountered were lovely. I liked the decor too but I guess that is subjective.

    (Edit-This is just a recommendation based on a recent visit, not in response to the question upthread)

  • Cub in Hoxton

  • what's the best, not nessecarily vegetarian indian on Drummond Street currently?

  • Diwana, imho. Its subjective though. I like the basic interior and canteen type layout at lunch. The food is superb.

  • I'd say Raavi Kebab is the best with meat (but no alcohol).
    Diwani for vegetarian.
    Shah's for "traditional" curry (beers and meat).

  • Cheers. I'll have a look.

    I guess I'm after somewhere cool with a bit of a vibe for a group, rather than a special one-to-one birthday meal.

  • Where's the best place for moules mariniere in London?

  • Probably a French bistro like Shampers or Le Garrick

  • that ersatz belgian setup that's dotted around the west end?

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Restaurant Reviews & Suggestions - Where to eat?

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