Dibs is sh~@t

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  • Give. Take. Common sense. Normally works. Ultimately you ain't got nuffin' to complain about unless you agree a price / payment method and pay in a clearly stated time-frame (or turn up in person to pay) only to find some rude fucker has sold it to someone else. It is common courtesy to honour dibs if the buyer is prompt in cmmunicating and paying, but otherwise, sorry, I have a life to get on with, I want some cash in and I want some space. That's my priority, not some dibser who may or may not decide to come back to me 12 or 72 hours later.

    I find that most people on here are reasonable, but that the certainty of ebay is often preferable.

    Anyone who thinks here is a pain wants to try buying or selling on pinkbike. My favourite ever request on there was someone who (after numerous back and forth messages) wanted a set of my wheels, subject to me travelling 8 miles to meet him a bike shop, have someone check them over, at which point he would make his decision as to whether or not he wanted them. IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT YOU FUCKING TIMEWASTING FUCKING ARSEHOLE. FUCKING TRUST ME, COME FUCKING HERE AND TAKE A FUCKING LOOK, OR FUCK RIGHT FUCKING OFF. YOUR CHOICE.

    there, some chamomille tea for you Sir

  • DIBS???????
    Waste of fucking time (WANKER)
    In DM (advised) i Dibs on a item for the tosser to go and sell it to someone else!!? Prick!

  • Of course the imbalance of dibs is a pain but it's just not worth stressing about as buyer or seller! In my experience selling and voyeuring, 75% of dibsers then reneg often because of a 'greedy instant dibs' or 'reserve' something they or a pal may want without any prejudice or comeback on them (a PITA but hey ho) however if a seller doesn't honour dibs they're seen as a shoddy operator/human. Agree that common sense should apply from both sides or terms should be clear on posts (ie first to pay gets or I'll honour dibs for that same day) but it's a bit of a minefield and causes much consternation.

    (Tongue in cheek) How about a dibs blacklist (certainly not a bad trader but someone who frequently dibs bits but doesn't follow up)

  • dibs

  • Take a chill pill and go easy on the insults - It is just bike parts.

    Did you send money?
    Are you in London and can you pick up?
    Have you contributed to the forum (parts/advice/donations)?

    I have held parts for people many times before and they did not come through so dibs genuinely does not mean shit. Payment does.

    You've sent me 2x messages, one about price then one saying "prov dibs", whatever that means.

    There'll be other TT protectors, this is not a rare part.

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  • Thought you'd gone into the craft brew business with that picture. FiveGold is a great name for a beer.

  • FiveGold is a great name for a beer


  • dibs

    Noted. Will be sure to give the name to someone else.

  • This is some kind of secret thread dredge code to activate sleeper agents aicmfp

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Dibs is sh~@t

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