Dibs is sh~@t

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  • I've sold lots of stuff b4 on forums, but this dibs shit that people are saying is stupid and getting out of control. So many people dibs stuff and don't even follow it up (happened to me). You either want it or don't; conversely you have the money or don't. If you want it PM the person and pay them. don't just dibs shit for the hell of it.

  • dibs.

  • dibs

  • bah... seconds

  • Still available?

  • If you split I'll take the balls.

  • ha! i agree wiv the dogs

  • I have to say that I agree with caninetestes on this one.

  • I agree with BRM

  • mine was stolen, and i'm unemployed and can't afford a new one, i deserve it more!!

    i agree too.

  • Testify!

  • Mine is heavy. I think I should have it for free.

  • yeah i agree, it's shit. people say "dibs" when all they mean is "i saw it first and am registering an interest". I'd encourage people to ignore dibsing completely and sell stuff based on people actually following through and paying for the item.

  • Tubs or clinchers?

  • dobs

  • un-dibs

  • Dibs isn't shit if people are sensible about it. I've dibsed loads of stuff on here and elsewhere. You follow with a PM, swap details, send money and that's it. I think it's a really good system and personally haven't seen it abused. I've bought and sold five or six items on here since the new year and other stuff elsewhere, and none of them have gone wrong. Maybe someone should add to the newbies info something about how it works. I'm sure I'm not the only person on here who thinks it's a useful way of buying and selling stuff. Maybe we should just add, "Don't dibs if you haven't got cash or aren't sure if it's what you want."

  • Dibs is sh~@t

    Dibs is sh _ _ t?

  • Dibs is sh~@t

    Dibs is sh _ _ t?

  • Dibs ain't shit but hoes and tricks!

  • un-dobs, gotta pull out

  • from urbandictionary.com
    the meanings of "dibs"

    1. Dibs 1 thumb up
      In normal cases Dibs is a stupid game that children play with things that they can't actually have, but among the people of The Mals Nation it's an entirely different story. Dibs is a legally binding statement. Once the announcement has been made that one has "Dibs" on anything (living or not) it cannot be disputed.
      "Dude, Dibs on that silly slut."
      mals nation yay dibs pfft
      by Ricky_butt Feb 2, 2009 share this add comment
      2. DIBS 2 up, 1 down
      DIBS- Dick in Butt syndrome
      Ann- I GOT DIBS!
      Me- oh god, i hope not!
      sex intercourse love fuck goodtime
      by DIBS LOVER Dec 22, 2008 share this add comment
      3. dibs 1 up, 2 down
      To claim something, best used if other various words follow in the claiming
      Carl: Shotgun, ironman, no anti-freeze, DIBS! on the front seat of the car.
      Frank: Damn you carl and your amazing dibs ability
      shotgun not it fives ironman tax nigs
      by the scratch master z Dec 2, 2008 share this add comment
  • gotta pull out

    very unreliable

  • un-dobs, gotta pull out

    That really isn't a very safe technique.

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Dibs is sh~@t

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