Tour of California

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  • Anyone watching it?

    I found a website that allows you to watch it all live for free:­root/splash.html

    There's a live tracker, just for anyone who's interested at all.

  • Hmmm, I was watching this fine yesterday evening, now all I get is bloody adverts. When will the feed start!?

  • Pifko mentioned this yesterday.. I'm firing up Eurosport now..­html

  • Lance had his bike nicked. Should go in 'Stoilen Bikes' thread I suppose.

  • I did searches for Tour of California and nothing came out, must only have done it on Threads and not posts. Oh well.

    Yeah, I don't have Eurosport, so the live tracker's pretty good. It'll be on from around 8-9am Cali time. So I think that's around 7-9 hours ahead of us. Sorry I'm being so vague, I just can't be arsed to look it all up for facts!

    *Lance used to get his mechanic to look after his bike in the hotel room he was sleeping in rather than with all the other kit!

  • is anyone following this on eurosport today? sky guide tells me its on now but all I can see is snooker

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of Eurosport.

  • ha ha not uncommon then?

  • Sastre is 30 minutes off the pace. I would have thought CTT would have been going for these sort of races.

  • Sastre's objectives are much later in the season so it's no surprise to see him off the pace. He's normally a rider who only goes well when the weather is hot. Plus he crashed on the first day and lost a lot of time then.

  • Ah I see. Didn't know he'd crashed out.

    He was good in the wet in Beijing though.

  • It was hot and wet in Beijing.

  • Its been raining HARD here for the past 3 days...must be a nightmare!....
    the MASH crew are riding the same course a couple of hours ahead of the race... on fixed. Shooting for a new film we will be doing in the next couple of months. Check the blogs at & gonna be siiiick...or at least wet...

  • They're gonna be sick.. :)

  • Flandis hits the deck again.. loving the OUCH jersey karma..

  • Well done Cav

  • What a dust storm. Who came up with that stupid idea?

  • Bit early with his celebrations..
    All the cars parked along the finish reminded me of crits back home.
    "You'd never see that in the Tour!"

  • Cav looks rapid this year compared to the rest of the peleton if a little portly

  • For such a boring fucking stage.. that was a good, exciting finish.

  • that was fucking mental

  • CAVENDISH !!!!

    Serriously boring stuff though, apart from that :(.

  • Lance had his bike nicked. Should go in 'Stoilen Bikes' thread I suppose.

    Kind of disappointing that he got it recovered... the new one has a nice addition:­es/1229213121

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Tour of California

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