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  • Thought this excellent post by tomity from the Velodrome in Japan thread was worth re-posting here in its entirety.

    Because my NJS Keirin frame brand web site closes on July 7, it introduces it here.­m37.html

    Keirin race authorization frame brands (NJS:Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai)
    There is Keirin race authorization frame brands (NJS), I will be to increase it!!

    List of NJS Keirin frame brands
    The NJS registration manufacturers are 35 builders now.
    The manufacturer of 200 or more existed before.
    The number of NJS registration manufacturers has been decreasing little by little now.

    There is not a studio currently (Chiba pref.)
    builder:Yoshi Konno.
    Founder's builder is younger brother of CHERUBIM(Mr.Hitoshi Konno).
    3Rensho brand has been succeeded by Makino now.
    The origin of the brand is a meaning of the wire-to-wire victory of Keirin race.

    There is a studio in Fukuoka pref.
    builder:Masao Kodama (Birth February 23, 1959)
    He trained to Mr. Takamura of RAVANELLO for one and a half years. And, it trained for about four years by the South America company of Fukuoka and it became independent. There is his atelier near the Kurume cycle race place. BARAMON of the brand name originates in the name of the kite in the Nagasaki area. In BARAMON, the production of track frame is basically centered, and it is good at production of touring frame and road frame.

    There is a studio in Saitama pref.
    builder:Rinsei Ida

    There is a studio in Saitama pref.
    The brand is famous in the automobile and motarbike tire.

    There is a studio in Kanagawa pref.
    bulder:Hitoshi Konno(Birth January 6, 1940)His son is chiefly producing CHERUBIM frame now.
    The origin of the brand is a meaning of the angel. Founder's builder is an elder brother of 3RENSHO(Yoshi Konno).
    The bicycle of CHERUBIM won by two sections with North American Handmade Bicycle Show held in Indianapolis.­s2009.htm
    Google map street view of CHERUBIM shop­=s_q&hl=ja&geocode=&q=%E6%9D%B1%E4%BA%AC­%E9%83%BD%E7%94%BA%E7%94%B0%E5%B8%82%E6%­A0%B9%E5%B2%B8%E7%94%BA381-1&sll=35.5756­52,139.412123&sspn=0.028692,0.06669&ie=U­TF8&ll=35.576096,139.415503&spn=0.000897­,0.002084&z=19&layer=c&cbll=35.576037,13­9.415619&panoid=iG_qWiNS8dV9OGxDBavEhA&c­bp=12,221.35,,0,6.04

  • good shout Schick.

    As it came up earlier I will also venture the following:

  • I really ant a shark island!

  • copper relief of Kalavinka

    post stamp of Kalavinka

    body tattoo of Kalavinka

    stem on Kalavinka

  • tomity has just posted loads more logos in the Velodrome in Japan thread--have a look over there. I didn't realise that there'd be another five posts after the first one.

  • The old Ciocc headbadge is lovely;

  • The old Ciocc headbadge is lovely;

    I rate the bit on the front of the stem, too.

  • Italian bicycle manufacturers and playing card suits are a lovely combination

  • is there any history/reasoning behind the card suits and italien manufacturers?

  • well, all I remember are rumour, that the founder were playing card games and each one have different trick (i.e. heart, spade etc.) and they choose to use those as a logos for their bike.

    like I says, a rumour.

  • some brilliant logos, I think the specialized one is really dull though

  • It was a piss take

  • It was a piss take

    It wasn't actually. It's a classic, like it or not. Great piece of logo design.

  • FUJI OBEY, not yet released
    dont know much about it yet, other than theres only one around my area,
    artwork by Shepard Fairey,
    more pics soon

  • Wank!


  • o.k nothing like emphatic responses Tom ;-)

  • It's been out for about 2yrs :-$

  • rofl -head in a bucket obviously................

  • No worries lad, get yourself back in the 'ouse Music thread! ;-)

  • sounds like a good idea, leave the cutting edge to the cutting edge, only edge we got in doreset is one we cuts like

  • Just been looking through some old photos of India and found this:

    I think is a rather good logo

  • I think literally, the designers just got red crayon and did a squiggle with it then probably charged 'em plenty.

    It was a piss take

  • Nothing will ever beat Yo Eddy!

  • That bardmon crazy face is pretty cool.

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Awesome Bicycle Logos

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