Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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  • Absolute bargain intermediate tyres:­rreno-mix-tnt-g20-folding-cyclocross-tyr­e-700c-186958.html

    Really impressed with mine, grippier in slick conditions than a Grifo and don't feel slow like a mud

  • If anyone wants some bonkers cx wheels these look amazing


  • “Only race what you can afford to replace.”

  • @leggy_blonde should buy them

  • Keeping my eye on them thanks!

  • I'll delete the post then, in the interest of getting to see those in the flesh haha

  • someone (Revamp Bikes) has made some strava segements in parks in South London in lieu of London League Races­ark

    A bit far for me from North London but seems like it might be fun if you like dodging dog walkers

  • @pastry_bot does BPP regularly, I think some of these parks are easier than others to avoid walkers. I live 1 min from mountsfield; did some laps couple of days ago, very enjoyable, no1 cared, few walkers but I wasnt in their path.

    @andyp is SNCP guy

    The real gem thats missing is Foster memorial.

  • We could come up with our own LFGSS for North London.. I have been thinking about this lately to be honest, from the urban one in Leyton Jubilee Park to the further out ones you could have in Hainault Forest and such. Epping maybe too, something around Poole Hill would be nice and mostly quiter than the main paths.

  • I can think of a few around Alexandra Palace / Highgate

  • SNCP is very busy these days, so it’s hard to ride fast there. I miss Bethlem.

  • did I tell you about the time a german shepherd almost bit me after following me for about 50 feet at full speed while the owner sat drinking from their thermos in SNCP? Absolute cunts. And I hate pets/dogs.

  • Might be hard to find those parks empty enough though..

  • I'm no good at early rising (and can't ride mid-week) but most parks have seemed pretty full. BPP has some
    good bits and thankfully the walkers avoid the muddiest trails. Any of the paths through the woods aren't really any fun with the level of people there at the moment, I can't be blasting through peds like the good old days.

    Blackheath dips is also quite fun if you're passing through.

    Every time I ride through Greenwich park I imagine a WC level cross race with the course ploughing up and down that huge hill :(

  • That would be great, I followed the account in the hope that there will be some in east / north.

  • This is cool. I tried a similar thing in Manchester last year, plotted out a (tracklo)cross loops(strava segment) for people to time-trial as and when they pleased. It went down like a sack of shit to be fair, people were NOT arsed, but maybe it would have done better with proper crossers.
    Would be impossible in that park this year w/ covid

  • in Manchester


    ^ this was the original but the NNW bit just over the brook was flooded the night we had 'shitrace' so did this instead:­

    Fair few 'features': stairs, rocky path, horse-gate things that make decent hurdles, fast bits, slow bits, mud, grass field

    It's really really busy at the moment, but all in a great area for cross fun. I bought my pomp specifically for riding around here.

  • ah, miles from me but looks good. I use heaton park for my cross loops (based on the actual race course there) and that field is actually quite quiet most of the time.

  • I'm glad everywhere is busy at it gives me the excuse not to ride fast.

  • Perfect excuse

  • Nationals to be held at Ardingly next season, after the cancellation this year. Great news for Dougie and his team.

  • Next season’s National Trophy rounds are out too;

    Round 1: Moorways, Derby: 25 – 26 September
    Round 2: Westmorland County Showground, Milnthorpe: 9 - 10 October
    Round 3: Callendar Park, Falkirk: 23 – 24 October
    Round 4: Herrington Country Park, Sunderland: 20 – 21 November
    Round 5: Cyclopark, Gravesend: 11 – 12 December

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Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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