Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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  • Probably going to sell my Talbot 853 cyclocross frame / fork before we move.

    55cm square
    Sliding drop outs by Mads for gears or SS/fixed
    Wound up fork
    Disc brake
    Sick fades

    Will dig out a photo or two.

  • Fortunately too big

  • Sounds like a good fit for @youramericanlover !

  • What's your budget, a lot of the new cx models have clearance for 40mm. Great if you only have one bike in muddy conditions or you want to fit fat gravel tyres

  • Think I’ll go second hand. Ideally something modern like you say with TA and good clearances will likely have to be alu. Just a struggle finding a 58 or small 60.
    Currently only have the one bike.

  • The forme Calver framesets look good value new if the budget allows @andyp's aluminium trek crocket looks to have plenty of clearance too there is also the giant tcx too. I've got the carbon version and the tyre clearance is huge

  • Thank fuck Howard it just a little bit taller than me, therefore it would be impossible for me to make the bike fit

  • Very kind, but I found some on eBay. I think if I brought more wheels into the flat I’d be shot. Thanks all the same

  • Interested, will PM

  • Definitely go for 60. It will give you more space for shouldering the bike plus long stems on modern cross bikes make them feel shit

  • Lower top tube leaves more room for bunny hops tho innit

  • Only if you have a dropper post!

  • Ah I dunno, there's a kinda hucktuck to be had if you're quick and flexible.
    I got caught out a few times in the goolies with a frame a couple sizes too big for myself.

    Admittedly that's more of a proper bunny hop than a cross style one wheel at a time kinda thing

  • I don’t think I can bunny hop so

  • They only.put hurdles in our races like twice a year anyway

  • The hurdles in some of the races down here are more like walls.

  • You people can bunny hop??

  • Questions from a CX virgin here. I'm interested in having a crack at some CX events this autumn/winter (assuming there are some), but have never ridden CX before and have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. I'd prefer not to have to buy a dedicated bike at this stage ...

    1) Could I repurpose a Fairlight Strael as a CX bike?
    2) From a 'normal' road configuration, what changes would be most useful ...

    • 1 x or smaller chainrings?
    • Different cassette?
    • CX tyres? Think there is clearance for up to 32c. Any specific suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You can pretty much run any bike in a CX race, so you can definitely give it a go on your Strael. You'll almost certainly need different tyres but that apart you shouldn't need to change anything else, although if you're running road pedals it's best to swap to SPDs or another offroad pedal. You might need lower gears, but if you've got a double upfront the small ring will be fine for most races. I'd avoid really muddy races though, as the lack of clearances will hinder you.

    It's not clear yet if there will be any racing, depends where you are based. The London/South East League are hoping to host some events but nothing is confirmed yet.

  • Thanks @andyp, very helpful.

    I've got it set up at the moment with 32mm Gravelking SK, a sub-compact 46/30, and some time atac pedals, so sounds like I'm close enough to give it a crack.

    Am based in London so will look up the London/South East League. Thanks again.

  • yes from what Andy said you'll be golden. You'll want to practice some dismounts/remounts and you might want to get your fitness up (or you might be fit already). The biggest shock for me was how fast it was, but everyone's really friendly.

  • You're good to go with that set up.

    The best place to keep up on what's going on with the London League is their Facebook page;­cyclocross/

  • Kinesis CX Race Evo - Has anyone got one and care to share their opinion?

  • north west update­wcca-racing-calendar-2020-21/

    no events confirmed, no league, no pits (SKILLLLLL on the last oen)

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Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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