Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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  • Pics from tonight’s summer cross. Clearance is closest at the chainstay/bb junction. Photos are with 33mm schwalbe x-one tyres. Can’t remember what year but I bought it off here a couple of years ago and I think the paintjob suggests it is a 2016/17(?) mares cx disc in carbon.

    It’s a far better bike than my ability justifies but it’s unrecognisably more fun to ride/race than my CdF.

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  • tonight’s summer cross.

    You lucky bugger. Newbury?

  • Take3 event at Dalton Barracks, Abingdon. Tonight was round 5 of 6 and it’s run in a TT format.

  • CX TTs sounds ace.

  • Yeah they’re really fun. Mark at Take3 is a fantastic event organiser and it’s a really well organised and safe feeling setup. People I’ve spoken to seem to agree that it’s a bit different to head to head racing but looses very little of the fun.

    It’s 6x ~2km laps, took me about 33mins today. The course layout changes every week to keep things fresh and there is a good mix of grass and technical bits.

    Fun fun fun!

  • Thanks looks great. I’m struggling to find anything over a 56.
    Are cyclocross riders all short!? :-)

  • Ha! Maybe!

    I’m on the Wessex league FB group and keeping my eye out for a smaller bike for a friend. There are plenty of tiny bikes being sold as kids grow, but iirc there have been several at 56cm+

    Edit: lol, no your right. Just scrolled back a few months... only one bike larger than 54 and that was 56. You’ll obviously look like a giant when you line up on the start grid.

  • I’m 1 m 83 cm tall and am one of the shorter riders in the London League v50 races.

    The shortarse tendency must be in the younger age categories. Might be worth asking @Chalfie about this.

  • Anyone ridden this, or bits of it?

  • That’s home ground for @Sam and, I think, @yetidamo

  • Everyone is taller than me.
    Apart from maybe @pastry_bot who is in the proper racing category. Not the old duffers or the "why the fuck are you still doing this?" Categories.

  • I know those roads very well. I’m a bit confused though, the event is described as off road, but that route looks to be all road?

    EDIT - Ignore me, that route isn’t the Tour of the Hopfields route.

  • Ah - my bad, I think there is an on-road sportive with the same name...

  • saved me embarking on a 70 mile road ride on the XC bike there!

  • We have good nutrition and a high standard of living in London's famous London though.

  • I’m 182 cm but it’s been the albatross of my life never to outgrow my Dad. I was a runt all my childhood and the sole consolation my parents could offer was that I’d grow eventually and the promise that every generation of our family always outgrew the previous... I’m the first gen in living memory to break the trend and it set a precedent for my underachievement in most of life’s other metrics of success. *sob

  • @fredtc You still looking? I have two sets in the loft you are welcome to.

  • I'm the tallest hobbit in my clan

  • Not too bad a route. One section of dual carriageway after East Peckham toward Paddock Wood but only about a mile in length. Couple of weird routing errors but if you follow the route to the plan you’ll still get round.

  • Right which of these sizes would suit me best, furthest right I my current road bike.
    60 looks closest but wonder if I should be sizing down for cross?

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  • I probably wouldn't notice a difference in those 3 sizings if the saddles were all the same height. Sometimes I thing there's something wrong with me.

    Anyway, I'd go smaller for cross. The stack and reach difference to your road bike look negligible and can be overcome with changes at the stem anyway.

  • Thanks. Anyone else offer any thoughts?

  • What colours are they?

  • Discs or canti?

  • So I’ve seen the 60 for sale, it’s same wheel config as my road bike, disc 12mm TA.
    So could use those wheels initially. Then only need a groupset...

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Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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