Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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  • Will do! Hopefully see you on Sunday, I'll probably be covered in multicoloured shapes.

  • How's HHV for drainage?

  • Offer of wheels has been withdrawn. my other set aren't ready.

  • It’ll be wet and slippy. It drains okay but the trails are so well used that they are pretty compacted and churn up when it’s wet. Forecast looks like it’ll rain again tomorrow during the racing, so it’ll cut up.

  • No problem, tires are on and mudguards are off. Gonna be a muddy one.

  • Slippy for sure.

  • That was pretty fun! Didn’t get lapped by too many people, and only ate shit twice. The tires seemed like the right choice, I was holding it together while others were sliding out. Was feeling good till the last two laps when all energy disappeared and I started taking crap lines that I’d avoided for the rest of the race, but it didn’t cost me anything at that point.

  • I would like to state:
    my narrow wide 1 x 10 NO CLUTCH mech did not hold the chain in place yesterday. I'm not sure it would have helped though. First lap I dropped my chain because I think the chainring was clarted with mud already. My big starting grid position and plan to track someone from the grid row ahead of me went out the fucking window before I'd even got going.
    Still. I didn't bin it and there was a decent bike wash afterwards and it was a fun race. (definitely a stay sat down race)

  • Can only echo the no clutch mech no drop unless muddy.

    Fair enough, you did qualify that assertion!

  • My rear mech seized when battling for 4th place with half a lap left, and I had to run to the finish shouldering the bike. The derailleur cage is twisted beyond repair too.

  • I had plenty of grip with my Vittoria Terreno Wets, which I recommend still (if you can get the bastards on the rim).

  • I couldn't remember. All I could remember was "UNFUCKINGBELIEVEABLE" as I drifted (politely, with a signal) to the right of the course.

    Also: I would not know about Vittoria wets. I'd imagine they'd have been a fabulous tyre for yesterday's slimefest.

  • I marshalled at a race in the pissing Lancashire rain. Got league points for it, which I count as a win. Major takeaway was that I will NEVER force or coerce my son to be a bike person. To bike-loving parents: YOUR KID MIGHT NOT BE AS INTO THIS AS YOU ARE.

  • How many kids were crying?

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Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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