Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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  • Cx fail, car packed ready to go, only to find some twunt (me) lost the cap to the coolant expansion tank when I last topped it up

  • Any in particular? It's not my area of expertise.

  • My other option is to cold set the Pompino to 130mm, add a disc tab, and get a Macho Man Disc Cross fork. That's actually an ace idea.

  • The swapping on/off of things like guards and racks is a huge faff. I never managed to make myself do it regularly

  • I can imagine. I've done probably one "road" ride in the last year and not done an audax for more than three. But I'd just like the backup. I do actually have a summer road bike, so not sure there's a huge need...

  • That's a much more manageable schedule. When I was considering it, I was hoping to use a daily commuter for a season of cross. No chance.

    If you end up on any local audaxes pop it up in the thread, I trundle around some of them occasionally

  • I'm thinking of converting my audax/ bikepacking rig (specialized Diverge) into a cross bike for the winter, having never raced any cross before. So essentially what you want to do, but the other way round. In its current guise I would probably describe it as a 'racy gravel bike' so hoping that helps.

    As far as I can tell, I need to ditch the mudguards + dynamo, swap the tires for something a bit knobbly, change the pedals to non-road spds and maybe drop the stem a bit. Anything else I'm missing??

  • For reference, this is what it looks likes in bikepacking mode:

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  • Yeah basically all that. And no bottle cages.

  • Doooooo iiiiiiiittt!

    Where do you live?

    Can make recommendations on tyres if you like?

  • Tyre recommendation in the CX thread???
    What is this?

  • I’m in Lewisham, so if I get my act together I could try the race this weekend at Herne Hill. Is this is a good/ bad idea?

    Please, inundate me with tire recommendations. Or even tires, if you have them.

  • It's always a good idea to race at Herne hill.

  • I think the wheels I’ve got are tubeless-compatible but I’ve never tried them before. Not against the idea in theory but it’s an extra change to make.

  • Herne Hill will be muddy and slippy with rubble in the back field.
    Historically it has ruined tubs and fragile tyres. There was also the year of ripped off mechs in a mud fest.
    There are a number of races before the old duffers race who race before the whippersnappers. The course will cut up.

    There will be mud.

  • Could be fun. Alas, I will be parenting so will not make it.

  • Yes, there's quite a bit of stuff to acquire to make it happen. Not sure I would risk that with so little time before a race.

  • Ok, so let’s go with regular tubed clinchers then. What should I be looking at for a set of reasonable tires for My First CX Race(tm)? Not too expensive, probably around 30-35c given the clearances I’ve got.

  • If you only have space / budget for one set of tyres then I'd go for a mud tread.

    See what you can find going cheapest out of Challenge Limus, Michelin Power Mud (not the old mud 2) and Schwalbe x-one bite. Maybe look at Specialized Terra (I didn't get on with these) and I'm sure @andyp will be along in a minute to spruik the Vittoria offerings!

  • Planet X have the
    XG (wired) Β£5 a pop
    XM Pro (folding) Β£13 a pop

    I've used the XM Pro and rate them, I've upgraded to the terreno wet. I am hoping to use them this weekend.

    What category are you racing in and where are you based?
    If you're really short of time and want to borrow some wheels with XM set up tubeless, they're here if you want to try them. I'd recommend taking the cassette off and putting the one you use on.

  • XM pro wins out on basis of bargain, thanks for the tip. I'm in Lewisham so Herne Hill is as handy as it gets, I've ordered those tires and they should get here before the weekend. Thanks for the offer though!

    I'd be racing senior mens, and hoping that this runny nose isn't the start of something much worse... Anyone else planning on going this weekend?

  • I'm racing Herne Hill as a vet 40....

    If the tyres don't arrive, shout, because I'm only in Sydenham....

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Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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