Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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  • Why?

  • It was the first place I did CX and I found the bit over by the wall in particular to be too scary. As in, I was at the top of the drop, staring down it, and couldn't force myself to do it even though I was totally embarrassed to be in tears, scared to ride my bike down a hill, in front of a whole load of kids.
    Having ridden a few times since then I think I could probably make my way around the course on my own but not with other people around. Cyclocross courses have obstacles built into them already without me being the mobile (or not so mobile) chicane.
    The problem is 100% in my head.

  • I descend terribly.

  • @hats - How about joining one of the Epping Forest rides? I might be able to help with your drop-in concerns.

    There will be no small children watching you.

    Well..... unless Indra is there.

  • I very much doubt they'll use that section by the wall for a London League round, as it's too narrow (even by Herne Hill standards).

    As for being an obstacle, cyclocross is a very inclusive sport and everyone knows there will be slower riders that the faster people will pass, so everyone passing should warn you in advance which side they'll pass on.

    If that hasn't convinced you then the London X League rounds are here;­2014-2015/

    I believe the 5th October round is at Hog Hill.

  • I'm up for racing next Sunday.

  • Gunpowder park

    Mixture of short and long grass, destroyer of rear mechs. Think centre section of hillingdon and you won't be far wrong.

    It's an easy ride along the lea valley (some overground stations are along there) or a short up and over the hill from Chingford.

  • @hats, I'd be up for a race on the 28th.. not sure if company would make a difference for you.. and I'd second BN's suggestion to join in a ride around epping if you're free.. rolling around the forest really helps with obstacles in CX..

  • I might be racing this Sunday too. Need to test my tubeless setup first though.

  • What is a good bag for kit, and more importantly, carrying wheels? Thanks.

  • @andyp You're right, and I know cyclocross is full of lovely people, I just can't help worry that people's patience will wear thin! I'll have a proper look through the calendar (or calandar...).

    @blowfish Luckily, on many counts, I am now busy on the 28th - at a spa, no less :)

    @BareNecessities That could be fun, thanks for the offer. I'll have a look at your thread.

  • I was searching for ways to strap a frame to a backpack - google seemed to want to show me lots of irrelevant stuff, but this pack looks ace for wheel carting.

    FWIW I used a bag designed to carry inline skates and some toestraps.

  • This winter, early Sundays will most likely be me doing 5x standing starts at HHV and then eating burritos in Brixton with Jim afterwards.

  • I don't see how this is going to work Dan.

  • Also: my fucking leg. It's in bits after Sunday am. Something bit it, my leg is hot, swollen, and itchy. A bit like me.

  • What? Cross? It's just going to be a bit of fun for me really - plus a good way to improve bike handling and keep my pointy elbows sharp over the winter. I know I stand eff all chance of being competitive at it.

  • Just pouring over some footage of the first race at Stanmer, which I've yet to put together.

    I was horribly placed at the start, but the silver lining is catching @Howard 's rotor wrecker!

  • Howard, your legs need more sun. It's summer ffs - those are April legs!

  • A spring chicken! :D

    But to be fair to @Howard these haven't been graded, so it's all washed out. There's a pair of Peter Andre-esk tanned legs underneath.

  • I've two large bites on my right leg. I reckon it was @biarittz.

  • He's got one on his left.
    I think he may have gone the wrong way.

  • HUGE it is :-)

    Thanks to Howard for the bag tip.

  • My legs flatly refuse to tan :(

  • My legs flatly refuse to dan :(

    Just as well, then. :)

  • Got my first cross race this weekend. I have no CX bike and am doing this on my basket/ town bike with 23mm slicks. The basket will also be full of beer. I cant wait!!!!!!

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Cyclocross - CX and SSCX races and training

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