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  • How is your shoulder anyway?

  • where you have failed... I WILL SUCCEED!!

  • Not just failed, epic failed.

  • ha ha ha they will never forget me!! ha ha ha
    its grand its much better cant wait to get back on the saddle!!

  • Yeah same, Dennis away its me alone doing tricks.

  • Right... as I have been a total failure at getting my arse up to Polo I was wondering if any of us are up for a bit of Hardcourt Polo? I know it'd be a bit of hassle to get organised what with having to make mallets and the like but it could be fun...

  • I'd be interested in giving this a go, what do you need? Do people run really low gi for this? I've zero experience and can't do any tricks whatsoever!

  • Yeah... super low gearing and you need a mallet and some balls... mallets are generally homemade and you use a field hockey ball (I think) Other than that you need goals and a tennis court and that's really that :)

  • Super low gearing isnt a must but it helps, we will be fine with what we have for now, I have talked to the coureirs before and they want to get it going again but that main prolem that they have is getting a court to play on, most courts or carparks are private and the owners dont generally like loud people drinking on their land.
    if you can find somewhere where we have permision that is the main hurdle, we have the players(us+couriers) mallets can be made, balls can be bought and traffic cones can be stolen.

  • Hmm... where could we get permission to play... Ideally somwhere central and easy to get to... I would suggest a school carpark but they're probably not going to be too eager to have a group of pissed up couriers and fakengers on their property... Actually I know the perfect place if we could get permission... Mt. Michaels college... out on Merrion Road, went there for some tricks with a mate about a year ago and it'd be pretty much perfect... otherwise we ought to try and find a basketball court...

  • Well we could play till we get kicked out, or ask for permission before hand and do it legit....

  • How about the basketball court in front of the skatepark in Bushy?

  • Would we even need permission to play on a public court?

  • But there is the problem of drinking in public.. Baggies?#
    But noise....? Cant say I know the area well, many houses around?

  • Yeah there's houses round but its inside the park. haven't seen many wardens ever near the skatepark.

  • Well if someone can organize some piping and ski poles or bamboo shoots we can give it a go.

  • There are these sticks you can get in farm supply stores, they're like the ones blind people use, they're made from fibreglass rods and they're quite stiff with a little bit of whipyness, I reckon they'd be ideal!!

  • make it a bit irish and use hurleys

  • Fuck hurls man, giant shillelaghs FTW ;)

  • I quite like the bamboo poles we play with for grasscourt polo, very flexy, good to lean on when stopped and very hard to break. Also very easy to get.

  • Cheap too!! I do think we should all head over to London and rock up to Polo in Leprechaun outfits with giant shillelaghs for mallets... guaranteed free beer that night!!

  • There is a polo exhibition game on in the park this Sunday around 1oc, its to do with the whole bike week yolk.
    Come along and have a look around all the stalls and watch a great game of polo between the Ireland a's and b's.
    Its all happening around the pope's cross(as far as I know)

  • I should be heading up anyway

  • so is there much/any polo played in dublin. I might be coming over shortly to study and would be all the more excited if i could play my favorite sport!

  • Grasscourt polo, not hardcourt...

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Bike Polo

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