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  • Right, reckon the back is in ok shape again for some cycling, methinks I'll pop to polo this weekend, Saturday or Sunday Lorcan?

  • Sunday I recon, the only reason it was on saturday was because of the film crew coming.

  • Erik you actually coming this weekend? lol.Haha your either coming to the alleycat or the polo, or both!

  • I was in England :( Going to Achill next weekend, I'll definitely pop down thereafter though ;)

  • To make up for all the time you lost do you want to do us a favor?
    We need a few layback seatposts made, not with just a curve in them we need ones that come out of the frame and go back horizontally from there.
    You up for it?

  • Hmm.... yeah I reckon I could do something for that... So it's just a straight bar at a right angle? Could you draw something up with some measurements and e-mail it to me and I'll see what I can manage, not sure what nick our gear is 'cause the workshops been pretty neglected but if I can fashion something suitable then yeah!

  • Well the thing is the seat tubes are all at differant angles so the horizontal bar will need to be at differant angles to be suitable for the bike itself.
    I will get them when I can, plus the right size tubing for the frame, its Renylds tubing on the frames so whatever size seatpost it takes.
    The point of them is so you can sit as far over the back wheel as possible and be able to ajust your riding position up(normal) and back and forth on a level pole.

  • Ah reeet... hmm... sounds like it's going to be individual ones for each frame... do they need to be able to go very far forward 'cause if they don't maybe we could rock upto training with some tubing, a cutters and a pipebenders and make them on the spot... would mean you couldn't slide the seat all the way forward though with the bend...

  • Well were not planning to be able to slide them all the way forward, the plan is to be as far back as possible.
    We had a little talk about this and we dont think bending the tube would be suitable for the stress, would you mind getting your award winning welding skills out for us? lol

  • Well it may be possible to arrange something ;) Time is my biggest problem, how soon are they needed?? Depending on the quality of tubing however I think bending would be fine??

  • Well we are doing alright without them for the moment, the tubing would have to be just seatposts, cheap ones I would guess, unless you have some tubing that is 27 or 27.2...
    Considering there would be in my case about 15 stone on it plus any forses exherted on the bend a post chopped and welded might be better.
    But I know nothing I cant weld.

  • come !

  • Lol good trip for us....
    Most of us live in Dublin:P

  • Polo tomorrow anyone?

  • Still don't have a fork on my bike :(

    Mummy's day anyways innit!

  • Well you have a car...or cars..

  • True, have to go down to the homestead for Mummy's day though

  • Not able to head down after?:P lol

  • What time??

  • Should be over by twelve ish.

  • interested in learning. anybody up for it

  • Well it wont be on this week because of the tournament we just finished.
    All the auld lads wouldnt be able for it.
    But come down next week, my name is Lorcan for reference:P.

  • cheers. what will i need to bring!

  • Yourself, its free everything is provided.

  • interested in learning. anybody up for it

    dont do it!
    my god save your collarbones!! try goin one day using one arm and then think about doin it for 5 weeks!!

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Bike Polo

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