Bike fit / correct riding position

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  • I run 165mm on almost everything.

    First ride today on 170 down from 175 and it felt nice, also felt that little bit less saddle rub you mention which was great.

    Wondering if I should try 165 now, or just be happy that 170 feels nicer.

  • I feel experience with 165/167.5/170 cranks that it is very marginal gains but more feel. The 165 cranks are turning a 39/17 with 32c knobby cyclocross tire. The 167.5 cranks are pushing 49/19 with 28c slick. 170 cranks pushing 42/17 with a 32c hybrid tire.

    They all fall within the same gear ratio but feel different.

  • Cheers for the recco here, had some MX177s I bought from sigma in there sale for like £86 turn up today, not ridden yet but feel so comfy to stand in. I agree about the single boa mind. Still, just plastering another recommendation for Lake here if anyone remains unconvinced.

  • That's a great price. Glad they seem comfy initially. Have used mine twice outside with no issues and on the turbo daily for a couple of weeks and they've been great. Also just got back from a ride with a couple of stream crossings - my only concern is water retention as they don't seem like they're going to dry very fast but we shall see! Very pleased with the fit though.

  • Is this the right place for this:

    I'm looking at a frame that was custom made for someone else and I want to cross reference the geometry against other bikes.

    Does anyone have a Geometry Geeks account where they can put the numbers in and it brings up matches?


  • I should go ahead and get an inline post, shouldn't I?

    (This photo has just explained the slight wrist niggle I've been getting. Lovely)

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  • Although, unless your seat tube angle is REALLY slack, why is the saddle so far forward?
    It also appears to be sloping down at the front.
    Having all your weight front loaded would explain the wrist niggle.
    Saddle further back and level with a shorter stem would probably be a better solution IMO....

  • I've ridden this around 8000 miles without much issue before going for a bike fit. Which suggested it was a little longer than optimum.

    As a result the stem has gone from 110 to 90 (may settle on 100) and saddle right forward. It feels much the same comfort wise and yes I noticed from this photo the saddle is angled down.

    Don't really like that the saddle is clamped like that though, I assume an inline post is the answer to get it more centred on the rails

    I don't know why I posted really.

  • I'm mulling over the prospect of being an adult and getting a grown up bike. As I have no idea how a bike should actually fit, has anyone had any experience with the cadence performance guys in Giants St. Pauls?

  • Hey!
    Do you think a 58cm SuperSix would fit a 6’5” man?

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Bike fit / correct riding position

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