Bike fit / correct riding position

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  • the biggest tragedy is that bike24 dont ship to uk anymore who has the extra wide sizes, I am 42 extra wide and 42.5 wide in lake. No other shoe should exist IMO. Narrow shoes can fuck off.

  • Extra wide lake? Really? Ok hobbit

  • sorry

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  • The wide are notated '-x' - e.g. mx238-x on the box, and on some retailers

  • looooooooooooool. Shouldn't laugh though, totally feel the pain of having problematic feet. It's awful.

  • I can't agree more with all the wide shoe talk. I tried many brands, Sidi mega, specialized, northwave, bont... All supposed to be wide and are still very narrow. Lake is the only brand that works for me.

  • New wide Lake MX 177s turned up. Seem decent for the money. Would be better with two Boa’s instead of one but fit is still good with one Boa. I’d like the fit to be a tiny bit wider at my small toe, but still far better fitting than any other non Lake shoes of this kind.

  • Anyone dropped to a 165 crank and enjoyed it?

    A few articles with high profile folks seem to suggest there is next to no downsides and lots of advantages. So why isn't 165 the norm?­ter-cranks-better-your-bike-295963?amp

  • I wanted 165 but none were available when building my hardtail. I see no reason for not dropping to 165. And for offroad see better pedalling clearance as a benefit.

  • Ive got no comfort issues at the moment but if it was easier and cheaper I might try it out. But its not.

    Don't like thinking im missing out on some free efficiency and possible pain avoidance.

  • Interesting, I had a bike fit with a well-known London fitter. I am 190cm/6ft3”. He told me I needed longer cranks, 180mm, as I currently have 172.5mm.

  • I got recommended to drop down to 160mm the other day (I’m 5’10).

    Guess it’s just not in manufacturers interests for us all to want shorter cranks and narrower bars. Tho shimano do 160 now to be fair.

  • This independent framebuilder has recently brought out a range of cranks in radically shortened lengths. I was intrigued.

    Full disclosure: I own one of his frames.

  • I run 165mm on almost everything.

  • I still have a set of 155mm Rotor cranks I never got around to trying out :)

  • State your height soldier

  • Height is irrelevant (~180cm), I use them to open my hip angle up.

  • Did you have a problem with it before? In comfort terms?

  • A problem with what? My height? No, it's about average for my breed.

  • Jeez, what are you...a Selkirk Rex?

  • I don't know what that means. I think for my height I have fairlong long body parts hanging off my barrel torso. Basically, 165mm cranks are mean your knee doesn't go so high at the top of the pedal stroke so for me it reduces hip squish. I have illiac artery endofibrosis but not bad enough to go for surgery so short cranks are good for anyone getting into TT positions, aero road tucks or generally riding faster/flatter. Upright touring bike scenarios need not apply.

  • Knows what illiac artery endofibrosis is but doesn't know his cat breeds...Hippy in a nut shell....WAIT I just realised why you're called that. This has been most informative.

  • There's cat breeds? We always had cats at home. There are two types - black cats and the grey stray that rocked up one xmas that we ended up keeping.

  • I'm a bit dyslexic when it comes to stack/reach and all things bike fit so hoping for some help here.

    I've had a fit on my road bike which is working quite well. I have a wildly different fixed/SS frame with a super short stem and bullhorns which is fine around town but not so much for longer rides.

    I'd like to stick some drop bars, hoods, and a sensible stem on the fixie to get it closer to the road bike fit, make it a bit more comfy over longer distances and, most importantly, formally enter the road fixed / fixed road posse.­ight-strael-3-0-2021-56t,cinelli-mash-wo­rk-2017-large/

    Assuming same bars, any pointers on what stem length/angle I should get?

    The road bike has 40mm spacers under the stem and the fixie 30mm; cranks on the road bike are 7.5mm longer.

    Any help/guidance would be much appreciated 🙏🏼.

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Bike fit / correct riding position

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