Bike fit / correct riding position

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  • So i've put on my old saddle and now my bike fit is more or less the same i've had for 2-3 years but i've developed a problem in another knee - same fatigue / discomfort / sort of pain, eventually.

    That knee is going inwards significantly more than the other.

    Is it more of a bike fit problem or muscular imbalance?

    I'm going on a bike tour in a week, so not the best timing to develop a problem.
    Wonder if I should go clipless or with casual sandals (which probably could adjust the feet to more natural position if it's got something to do with it).

  • Right - so I did a bike - it’s a 90s Nigel Dean - measures 560mm Tt and seat tube 550mm - I’m 180cm tall but legs are short with floor to sit bone around 84cm. So the Tt is pretty much up my gooch on stand over . Canyon would have me on a medium endurace for example - lower Tt and who’s stack is only 5mm lower than the Dean but reach is much less - can’t remember figures.

    Having set my bike up I find a lot of pressure going into my hands and some tension in shoulders not fully Locked out but I feel shoulders rounding forward. There isn’t a huge bar to saddle drop - but I’m wondering if basically for my body build I would need a smaller frame. My body feels like the hoods are too far away to be comfortable- but as a newbie to all this Perhaps it’s about flexibility/ core etc. I’ve put a 80mm stem on and raised it up to almost level with saddle - hopeful I can get away with something like this - I guess I might go to a shop and sit on a few frames to get a feel for what normal feels like -right now I just dunno.

  • Do you stretch? Do you stretch your quads?

  • Having set my bike up I find a lot of pressure going into my hands and some tension in shoulders not fully Locked out but I feel shoulders rounding forward.

    @dancing james once showed me IRL a way to let go of pressure from hands and unlock elbows, I cant describe it, maybe he can, it works but you may need to do some lat exercises and planks to support your body over longer time, obv with fatigue all of that goes out of the window

  • Ew workouts … nah I get it thou - I think If you are balanced on the seat properly most of your weight goes down - then your core supports you as you lean forward and your arms can bend etc - I think if the bike is too long you reach out beyond what’s reasonable for core to handle so arms lock and weight falls forward.

  • How used to riding a bike are you?
    The geo doesn't seem radically off but hard to tell without seeing you etc.
    You often see mamils who have just started out with saddle forward and short high stems as they haven't yet developed the core strength and typically ride in a very upright position.
    As time goes by they start to rotate their pelvis and stretch out more. Also as you get stronger, the pressure going through the pedals will start to counteract the weight of the upper body, again making life a bit easier.
    As a general rule you should be fairly well balanced over the bottom bracket and then adjust reach to suit. But as I say, a lot will depend on how accustomed you are...

  • Thanks - super helpful - never ridden drops/hoods etc. Could well be me not the bike. bike's been a lockdown project 2 yrs in the making - i'm pot committed and want to enjoy riding it - I now realise I should have just paid for a bike fit and bought a bike at decathlon ! See how I go in mamil mode for a bit I guess.

  • Might be silly to ask but is your saddle level? Even a slightly nose down saddle can put a lot of pressure on your hands and cause you to tense up rather than relax and stretch out

  • No - good question - its a flite - perhaps a bit nose down - here's the bike: have posted elsewhere but anyway...

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  • Definitely looks a bit nose down, maybe 1-2 degrees which could certainly cause the symptoms you described. Try level it or even half a degree nose up. Pop a solid flat surface on top of the entire saddle and use an angle finder on your phone to check the level. Or just adjust it nose up slightly til it feels better

  • Not really but my flexibility is good, in general.

    I've been "prescribed" some knee stability exercises by kinesiotherapist which I do from time to time but not very regularly (mostly when I start feeling some pain again).

    Anyway, I went on a tour and chose to ride in my sandals instead of s-works.
    Worked out just fine, I was expecting it to be way worse.

    Whenever I'd feel some fatigue or discomfort in the knee I'd just move it more towards the bottom bracket. I wonder if my knees would be better off if I went with spd.

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Bike fit / correct riding position

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