Bike fit / correct riding position

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  • I'd put your old pedals on, setup the fit so it matches, and then swap shoes/pedals and go by feel from there.

  • Ooh yes please for the adapters am assuming you mean the off road stainless spd adapter.

  • Yeah, I mean I used it for all of 15min with Dominators + ATACs but it's for the 2-bolt systems like SPD.

  • Is it worth getting a €250 bike fit for a new (potentially custom) bike, even if the fit on the current bike feels good?

  • nah

    saddle fore aft
    seat tube angle
    basic KOPS

    ^ unchanging factors I think where as stack and reach change as per biomechanics if you improve or not

  • If your fit is good make sure it translates to the new bike. I doubt you will need a new fit though unless something else is changing.

  • Is it the same type of bike?

  • Anyone been to Bicycle. in Richmond for a bike fit?

    Was planning to go to Soigneur but seems they are temp closed/moving and can't see any info on a reopening date.

  • I have not but a good friend has been fitted by James many times and had a glowing review. He worked at Sigma for many years until he purchased Bicycle.

    James’s fit knowledge is right up there with the very best. You’d have zero regrets in seeing him. I’d actually pay extra to see him over another fitter at the store if possible.

  • I can vouch for James having worked for/with him years ago - really good guy. Have friends who have been fitted by him

  • It certainly wasn’t bad and at the time was useful but I wouldn’t go back. It’s hard to compare but went to Velophysio in Clapham a few years after who picked up possible life long spinal issues (subtle twist in my spine) in minutes. Session was quicker, less money, better diagnosis and no gimmicks. Would use again.

    Also weary of any fitter that puts in foot beds before you’ve even been on the bike.. funnily enough they added about £80 to the price.

  • Oddly two of the nest fitters I have seen started with feet first.

  • Oddly two of the nest fitters I have seen started with feet first.

    You'd think they'd start with eggs first, but maybe they're more concerned about the parents.

  • Cheers @hippy

    Anyone know how much I need to lower my saddle by if I have moved my cleats back by 1.5cm? Am guessing 1cm or so.

  • I need to get my cleats 1cm further back than my Sidi Wire Vernice will allow.

    Is there a list of shoes and cleat hole positions anywhere? Or what are the best models for mid foot cleat position?

  • Almost anything is better than a Sidi in that regard. But Lake and Bont are particularly good at allowing you to do so, especially Lake. If you like your shoes, though, consider these?­d-foot-cleat-sheet-12-24mm-comfort

  • I can only tell you that Shimano shoes have nice wide soles which are good for drilling and attaching speedplay bases to. That's what I've been getting Scherrit to do for the last 10 years. I've also now got a pair of Giro laceups. I've not seen a list of shoes with 'further back' mounts. I've been asking around and looking for the same before but now I just stick with Shimano, Giro and flats on the MTB

  • Looks good. Have you used these? What did they add to stack height?

  • Nope, because I have Lake's ;-)

  • Thanks. The Empire was mentioned so am on the lookout for a pair.

  • May be joining you.

  • Shimano, the mid range ones I use Rc7 are able to go back 12mm further than my old sidi’s. More comfortable and half the price. It’s the first pair where I’ve not actually pulled the cleats all the way back, which is a first for me.

  • Also tried some of those plates that push way back (think up to 25 mm extra)…. They were fantastically comfy but I could never produce decent power in them and they also inhibited getting out of the saddle. Literally felt really unbalanced.

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Bike fit / correct riding position

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