Bike fit / correct riding position

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  • She's more physio focussed then right?

    I've only been once but I think that is a fair assessment given it's in a physio studio and the number of LFGSS members who use her for just physio.

  • Anyone had saddle fit/pressure mapping in and around London and would recommend the process and/or a place?

  • I had pressure-mapping done at Strype Syreet Cycles but wouldn't recommend it as a system for choosing a saddle; I came away with the least comfortable saddle I've ever had, and have since been on a 7 month quest to correct it!

    I ended up going to Denver at Panagua Bikes in Bromley. He recommended a couple of options, set the first one up on my bike and let me borrow it for a couple of weeks (along with a new seatpost), and then a couple of weeks later did the same for the second one. Didn't expect me to buy either of them.

    He did a mixture of the Selle Italia / San Marco idMatch thing and his own wizardry. There are a couple of other places that offer idMatch but don't set it up on the bike for you / let you borrow anything, which is basically pointless: you don't know how it's going to be after 5 hours unless you can borrow it, and you can't tell if it's the right saddle if it's set up wrong.

  • Thanks both for your input. Strype Street sounds like the worst way to do something like a saddle fit, can't believe there wasn't aftercare!

    I've got an added complication that the bike in question is a flat bar so I'll get in touch with some places and start going through the motions.

  • I shouldn't think it'll make a huge difference to the fitting process if it's a flat bar bike.
    They should just note how you're sitting and what kind of riding you want to do, and take it from there.

    Good luck!

  • Has anyone had a bike fit at Cadence in Crystal Palace?

  • I’ve moved cleats backwards on my road shoes, now closer matching my mtb pedals/shoes which I’ve done most my miles on recently.

    Something feels off. Should I move the saddle down (and perhaps forward a little). I’m gonna be more flat footed right?

  • Yes, if your cleats go back you would generally drop the saddle slightly.

    Going from my normal to midfoot position was a 20mm drop, for example.

  • Ta. Makes sense.

  • Anyone one else have a twisty pelvis? As I get older I seem to be twisting more to my right. At the end of a long ride my saddle is pointing 2-3 degrees off to the RHS.

    This is causing some knee pain now as my left leg is trying to extend further forward relative to my right … Any way to counter act this?

  • Tight glute on one side or something? I'd be getting a physio with bike knowledge (velophysio) to look at it and give some remedial exercises, stretches.

    Also check it's not something daft like your saddle being misaligned, sagging, or one of the rails bent (I had this once and for ages couldn't work out why I was getting knee pain on one side until cleaning the bike one time I spotted the saddle on an angle).

  • I had (still have) a leg strength imbalance as a football legacy. My body over compensated and caused everything to twist. Nic at Velophysio is where you want to go.

  • Thanks for the tips. I’m in Leeds but there is a cycling physio locally

    Not sure if they’re well regarded?

  • I would like to explore the topic of bike fit via online bike fitting web sites or software. I tried to use Bike Fit Calculator at but it won't allow access from the UK:

    "You're probably wondering why you've landed here of all places. Well,
    as of 25.05.2018, CompetitiveCyclist is no longer available outside
    the U.S. due to GDPR regulations"

    The Wayback Machine Internet archive has the site archived, but after entering biometric data it still does not work.

    Are there any other calculators for bike fitting that can be recommended --- Web-based or software for use offline on a computer/phone? Or should I just sort out how to set up (apparent) browsing from the USA with Bike Fit Calculator?

  • I can do it for you if you would like. Feel free to PM me the numbers or post them up here and I'll send you whatever it says.

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  • I can do it for you if you would like. Feel free to PM me the numbers or post them up here and I'll send you whatever it says.

    That is very kind of you. It will be a couple of weeks at least as I'll wait for my spouse to return from overseas travel to assist with some of the trickier measurements.

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Bike fit / correct riding position

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