Bike fit / correct riding position

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  • The loose saddle may have caused a strain. You might need to rest, ice etc until inflammation has gone down.

    Or the saddle issue may have exposed an underlying weakness.

    Was it your first long ride in a while?

  • First century in a while but put a fair few hours in before hand that week, didn't stop for winter or anything. Then took 10 days off for another issue so I doubt it's a strain from that....

    I still have my old shoes with cleats on so will go back to themm and see what happens.

    Just wondered if there was a common correlation between changing shoes and lower back pain. I suspect too many variables for a decent answer.

  • Residual damage from the first time your saddle was fucky fucky?

  • At last, a medical man.

  • I distill the jargon for the lay types.

    Anyway, it could be any of the things you mention, combined with increased duration = pain.

    It could also be something completely unrelated that you haven't noticed. If you're the kind of person that has a saddle come loose during a ride, god knows what other setup issues the bike might have. :-*

  • You make jokes but I once got 40 miles from home with a seat post up ma hoop!

    Anyway, we good, I'll work back.

    Proper bike fit is a priority for me for a number of reasons now so as soon as its allowed it shall all be solved.

  • You can do a little eyeballing yourself. Like, how bent is your knee at bottom of pedal stroke? Are you rounding your back to reach the bars? Can you lift your hands off the bars without tipping forward while riding at tempo?

    Typically, poor cleat setup or saddle height would mess with knees, not back. So, perhaps you've accidentally slid the saddle too far back and are now bending over further to reach the bars. Internet bike fit though. It could be that you spent too long editing spreadsheets with a poor posture before the ride and it has nothing to do with your bike.

    One thing for me is to do some hamstring stretches. Can you touch your toes? If I get a sore lower back it's often because I've got tight hamstrings which pulls on the pelvis and strains the lower back. Try doing some gentle hamstring stretching to see if that helps.

  • Can you touch your toes?

    Usually take a few drinks before I answer that type of thing...( I can yeah ;o)

    Nah good feedback, thanks, I do do a lot of shite sitting (right now) and could always be looser.

    I'll keep those things in mind tomorrow. Should sort it out!

  • @Stoo61 How are you getting on?

    I wonder if 10 days off was enough time to lose some core stability ... then a big week with a century enough to reveal that.

  • Hey mate, I'm pretty sure it's as expected. The saddle slowly loosening and moving caused the discomfort on that day.

    I must have set it back up just slightly wrong after that because moving it forward just a touch seems to have rectified the problem. In between that time I changed shoes so that just had me wondering but glad it's fixed.

    Full works bike fit at the end of the month. For all the bikes eventually as I have banged up knees that need protected as much as possible.

  • Grand.

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Bike fit / correct riding position

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