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  • Internet bike fit doctors, who has any knowledge of numb toes? Some of the toes on my left foot go a little numb after ~20mins of riding (road bike). I don't get this issue on the turbo (TT bike). Cleats set as far back as they go and have been like this for at least 4 years.

  • That's the opposite of what I have, which is good news for you although I don't know what would cause it. You're using the same shoes on both bikes? What pedals?

  • Just to rule an easy one out, how tight do you fasten your shoes before riding? Feet tend to swell a bit during the ride and can lead to numb toes

  • Yeah it's weird. Same shoes, which I've been using for the past year now. Both bikes SPD-SL. My last bike fit uncovered no leg length discrepancies.
    Different saddles between the bikes though; TT bike has a Fabric TT saddle and road bike has an Aerocoach Axis saddle. The latter has little/no gooch channel so maybe I'm trapping an artery or nerve somewhere? Maybe I'll try a Fabric TT saddle on the road bike...

  • Just to rule an easy one out, how tight do you fasten your shoes before riding?

    Yeah good point. I didn't think I tightened them down too much, maybe I am as I hate a sloppy shoe fit. I did find a Reddit thread with someone who had the same issue and the same shoes (Pearl Izumi Elite Road 4), who thought the Boa wires over the top of the foot could have been causing the issue. But then again, I've been using these shoes for the past year without issue, until now.

  • That's the only thing I could think of. But I have no idea about human anatomy so don't know if feet nerves travel near your butt. Nurse!

    I get numb left leg (feet) on the TT bike but that's because I've done a naughty on myself with Iliac artery endofibrosis and some nerve damage. Hot tip kids, don't spend years of your life riding a TT bike up and down DCs.

    There's definitely nerves running in front of the hip that might impact the feet - which is why it's a bit weird you get this on your road bike and not TT bike, but perhaps there are other nerves on the back side that can have the same impact?

    Or maybe the different saddle causes a different pedaling technique and so the foot pressures are different somehow?

  • I was working under the assumption that you'd ruled out the obvious "shoes too tight" issue, plus you don't get it on one bike but do on another - would you tighten shoes differently between bikes? Why, weirdo?

  • Yeah there's no reason why I would wear shoes at varying levels of tightness between bikes. One thing I forgot to mention is that the numbness seems to subside when I'm out of the saddle. By process of elimination it sounds like this could be a saddle issue...maybe...

  • Sounds like it doesn't it.

    Check it:­s/common-peroneal-nerve

    "The common peroneal nerve is one of two major branches of the sciatic nerves within the buttocks and into the thighs, along with the tibial nerves. The many branches of these nerves supply nerve impulses to and from the muscles and skin in the hip joints and thighs, the lower legs, feet and most of the skin below the knee."

  • Good find, thanks. Thinking about it some more, I'm an idiot and forgot that my commuter/winter bike (which I've not ridden for 6 months due to WFH) also has a Fabric Tri saddle and didn't have this issue. Process of elimination suggests the Axis saddle needs to go. Annoyingly I actually find it very comfortable and don't feel any pressure 🤔

  • Try adjusting it first?

  • It’s causing numbness which is why you can’t feel the pressure.

    (Not serious)

  • Trying to find a frameset for my gf, who I'm pretty sure is on a bike that is too big and or aggresive (CAADX 51cm, 5ft 5). Having used it on the turbo I'm fairly sure I could race this with a slightly longer stem (5ft 9).

    CAADX 51cm vs Ribble CGR XS­ies=5b48ed1673697a001403707a,5dfbc4f5b76­fce001749c16c

    In the above, the CAADX would have more spacers does that diminish the shorter reach (6mm) of the Ribble? i.e. as you bring back up, it gets closer.

  • Try adjusting it first?

    By way of an update, I did a few more rides with the saddle angled ever so slightly down, along with ensuring the left shoe was looser than normal (and that the velcro strap at toes had no tension through it), which seemed a little better.

    Thought fuck it and went looking for a Romin, which is what i used to use a few years ago. Went out for 90mins today on it and got no numbness, even after adding a couple Boa clicks mid-ride.

    I'm still going to organise a bike fit as sometimes it feels like my left leg is just along for the ride and isn't 'comfortable' when pushing out bigger power. Plus it's been 3 years since my last, and I'm feeling fitter and more flexible nowadays.

  • Anyone suffer from Morton's neuroma and have any tips for managing it on the bike? I switched to flats and am riding mid-foot, and have also ditched cycling shoes for running shoes (entirely based on the hunch that a squishier foot bed would be better for taking pressure off the nerve, I could be wrong) but I'm still getting sporadic pain whilst I'm riding.

  • I’m hoping to build up a new bike for my partner. She has a longish commute everyday and her current Croix de fer is quite comfortable but far from perfect. I thinks it’s too small. I got it for a bargain price so I thought I could make it work. Before I invest I’d like to get her a bike fit. Can anyone recommend a fitter whose good with commuter comfort? She has particular issues with saddle pressure. Also, are there any female bike fitters?

  • Nichola Roberts.­

    Nichola was recommended to me once by Scherrit for physio. But I don’t have any first hand experience with her fitting.

  • Perfect, thank you.

  • I know there's been discussion of mid-foot in here before from the likes of @hippy and apologies if they've been posted before, but I just came across these:­R1esZ46S2wmbcP6LevSLeIcWdeUD9DcHbqV8vHAy­hMYuUXvLtRcm2BHpuU

    I feel like @hippy must already know about them? But yeah, sorry if a repost, but if not, they look good.

  • Yeah, I don't use them but I have emailed recently to see if they had anything in the pipeline for MTB.

  • is there any sure fire way to translate the riding position on one bike (arkose D3, which is good and not bad) to another bike (volare 953, which is very bad and not good) ?

  • Anyone got experience with Bicycle in Richmond for a bike fit?

  • I think @jammy worked there at some point ..

  • Yep.

    James took over from the crew I used to work with. Basically though, talented fitters and an incredible fit studio. Wouldn't concern me at all booking in there!

  • Thanks very much

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Bike fit / correct riding position

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